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These products are useful for healthy hair

Эти продукты полезны для здоровья волосSo that the hair is thick and strong, and their growth has accelerated, you need a certain set of nutrients.

Expensive shampoos, hair masks and even professional beauty treatments will not help to grow thick, luxurious hair, if not to nourish hair from the inside out.

So that the hair is thick and strong, and their growth has accelerated, you need a certain set of nutrients. And balanced diet is probably 60% success rate. The health and strength of the hair starting with the roots, and food to the roots supplied with blood. Thus, to provide them with all necessary nutrients, it is necessary to establish a continuous supply of vitamins and minerals from food.

Animal products

The main building material for our hair — keratin. A protein that is produced in hair follicles and forms a visible portion of the hair. Deficiency necessary for the synthesis of keratin amino acids, particularly cysteine, it is not produced in the right quantity — the hair to become weak and not grow.

Therefore, the first place in the list of foods that help to grow hair, take foods rich in quality protein: meat, poultry, fish, eggs.

Zinc is essential for keratin production and, therefore, for good and thick hair. Its deficiency can even cause early baldness. A great source of zinc — pumpkin seeds raw.

But one of the most common causes of hair loss and thinning hair is lack of iron. Only with the involvement of iron, the synthesis of hemoglobin — the carrier of oxygen to tissues and organs. Not enough oxygen — slows down hair growth. About 25% of women experiencing an acute shortage of this trace element. Iron is best absorbed from animal products. The absorption of iron is recommended to combine its intake with foods rich in vitamin C.

Nuts, cereals and beans

Vitamin C which is essential for the assimilation of iron contained in virtually all plant foods. Most of it in green onions, sweet peppers and strawberries.

Vitamin C improves blood circulation in the hair follicles, nourishing and protecting them, which stimulates hair growth. It is vitamin C which promotes the production of collagen, which is connective tissue, including hair. Citrus fruits, bell peppers, sauerkraut, black currants are the most rich in this vitamin.

In addition, hair needs b vitamins in their locks lack luster and appear dry and brittle, slowing their growth. The vitamins contained in cereals (porridge made from whole grains, whole wheat bread), nuts, seeds, eggs, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herbs.

Folic acid prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth. Sources: soybeans, lentils, walnuts, brown rice, green leafy vegetables.

Herbs and vegetables

If the body lacks calcium, then thick and strong hair can’t even dream of. This is one of the building materials of our hair. The calcium contained in dairy products. And its a lot of seeds (sesame, poppy, Chia), vegetables of dark green color, greens and nuts. Calcium is poorly absorbed when magnesium deficiency, so you should add in the diet almonds, cocoa, pumpkin seeds. Sesame seeds and almonds are perfect because they have immediately and calcium and magnesium.

A trace element such as silicon, involved in the formation of connective tissue, prevents hair breakage and promotes the synthesis of collagen and keratin, which are responsible for the strength of hair. To the maximum amounts contained in plant foods, especially fresh greens. A great reason to include in your diet green smoothies!

Selenium participates in the “transportation” elements necessary for hair growth. It is not necessary to prevent its deficit, if you decided to grow a rich hair. The main source of selenium in mushrooms.

General rules

To grow long and healthy hair is easy, just follow the rules:

-eat a balanced and varied;

-make a basic diet of whole foods — grains, legumes, nuts and seeds;

-eat 2-3 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day;

-avoid highly processed and refined foods;

-follow the normal and quality protein to provide the body with building material;

-be patient: the result will be visible only after a few months.

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