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These products are strictly contraindicated for colds and flu

Эти продукты строго противопоказаны при простуде и гриппеDisease you need to reduce portions, and get up from the table with a sense of ease and a little hungry.

Few people know about diets for colds and cough. However, there is a considerable list of products, the use of which in the cold is not desirable.

Hot drinks. Hot beverages during a cold unwanted. Boiling water is an irritant to the mucous membrane of the oropharynx, and you can burn the throat. Initially you may find that hot tea you will feel better, but it’s only temporary relief, which gives way to deterioration. During cold and flu should drink plenty of fluids. Drink liquids warm or slightly hot comfortable for your throat and esophagus.

Lemon and other citrus fruits. It turns out that the consumption of lemons and other citrus fruits during the cold and flu is undesirable. Yes, they have a large amount of vitamin C, but these fruits are also a lot of acid and viruses and bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. That’s why a cold is recommended to drink mineral alkaline water.

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Sweets .Dietitians suggest not to exclude sweets from your diet, the more disease. The fact is that sweets are high calorie food that has on the body a certain load. But besides this, the sweets also inhibit the activity of the immune system. So, American scientists have proved that a generous intake of sugar reduces the functionality of white blood cells – immune cells that protect our body from pathogens and any foreign agents. In addition, when consuming sweets, sugar is partially deposited on the walls of the throat and mouth, which only contributes to the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, intensifying inflammation in the oropharynx. If you can’t live without the sweet, then give preference to natural sweets: dried fruits, berries, fruit drinks and juices (without added sugar). However, here you need to adhere to “Golden mean”. Excessive use of these products also harm the body.

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Coffee and alcohol. During the illness, coffee and alcohol should be excluded, since they contribute to dehydration of the body, which is unacceptable in acute respiratory viral infections. Even a small amount of alcohol during the illness is not recommended.

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