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These products are not recommended to store in a Tupperware

Эти продукты не рекомендуют хранить в пластиковой посудеNot all the products are safely stored in plastic containers.

Plastic tableware is an ideal place to store food in the refrigerator or to take lunch with you to work. However, if she’s safe.

We often use plastic utensils for the storage of fresh and processed products.

Plastic utensils usually are in every home, because it is cheaper than cookware made of aluminum and other materials.

The problem is that not all the products are safely stored in plastic containers. Many of them are very perishable, because in such dishes faster bacteria multiply.

Unfortunately, very often people don’t even know it and continue to use plastic utensils for storing all kinds of products without taking precautions. In the publication Step to health experts spoke about the seven foods that should not be stored in plastic dishes, says health info.

1. Fresh eggs

Fresh eggs and dishes prepared with fresh eggs, e.g. mayonnaise, it is better not to store in plastic dishes, because there are multiply faster than bacteria, such as Salmonella or E. coli.

The most secure way to store eggs and dishes from them — in ice pack or a heat-resistant container.

2. Processed meat

If you keep the processed meat in a Tupperware, it can significantly affect the taste and cause the loss of most of nutrients.

Meat stew or meatballs easily change its taste and texture when stored in a plastic container.

3. Stews and soups

Stews and soups are cooked at high temperatures. If you pour them into the plastic container while they are still hot, they may lose their taste and useful properties.

However, if you allow them to cool, you can safely put them in the fridge.

Store cooled food in plastic dishes is completely safe.

4. Milk and dairy products

Milk and milk products are perishable in plastic dishes.

Although milk can be poured into a plastic container for a couple of hours, we recommend you not to abuse it, to best protect yourself from bacteria.

Plastic kitchenware accelerates the decomposition process of food and increases the risk of stomach pain.

The best alternative is to store dairy products in an enamel or glass dish, then they will remain fresh as long as possible.

5. Fresh vegetable salads

Many people think that plastic allows you to keep vegetables fresh as long as possible.

It really protects from cross contamination, but not well enough to keep vegetables fresh.

Contact with plastic dishes can worsen the taste of vegetables and to deprive them of the greater part of the nutritional properties.

6. Tea or coffee

Although there are a variety of special containers for hot tea and coffee, we advise you to wait until the beverage cools down before you pour it into plastic utensils.

The fact is that when you contact plastic tableware with hot foods increases the risk of bacterial growth.

We advise you to store these drinks in containers made of other materials, so they do not lose their taste and nutritional properties.

7. Cheese

Cheese refers to the above mentioned dairy products, but we want to talk about it separately because it can be stored only in a special dish.

If not properly stored cheese in it very quickly breed bacteria and fungi.

If the cheese is kept in a closed container for more than three days, it accumulated the volatile substances, which leads to very rapid multiplication of bacteria.

As a result of its texture deteriorates and he loses much of useful properties, which can complicate our digestion.

In conclusion, we add that although the plastic kitchenware is very practical, it is not always suitable for safe storage of food.

Do not store in plastic containers the above mentioned products. Give preference to the dishes of glass and metal.

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