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These products are not recommended to eat in the morning

Эти продукты не рекомендуется есть утромThese products are better not to eat for Breakfast.

Nutritionists long debate that must be eaten in the morning to throughout the day to stay fresh and good. Some say that the Breakfast for women should be “French”, i.e. consist of a Cup of coffee, croissant with jam and juice. For men “English” – oatmeal, boiled egg or scrambled eggs with bacon, toast with butter. Other that everything is possible, but in moderation.

Yogurt: Dairy products are a source of live lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. Because in the morning your stomach is empty, all these healthy culture will split the gastric juice. Therefore, the use of yogurt in the morning is no will, but harm too. These products are best to use before bedtime.

Breakfast cereals: these products are totally depleted, deprived of natural vitamins and minerals. The composition of most of them is palm oil, which is poorly absorbed by the body and is heavily derived from it.

Muesli, instant porridge Muesli made of rolled oats, fresh and dried fruit and candied fruit. But store-bought is very perishable, moldy, they form toxic substances that poison the body.

Jams and fruits with a high sugar content: at hit in the mouth with fruit and jams, the sugar contained in these products, immediately starts to be broken down in minutes, the absorption occurs in the intestine, where, under the action of enzymes, complex carbohydrates are converted to glucose. After its absorption in the blood begins to produce insulin, which leads to a sharp decline in the level of glucose in the blood. Because of this people during the day, feeling sluggish, overwhelmed, reduced activity, as it manifests a false sense of hunger, the consequences of which can be overeating.

White bread, cookies, pastries At the bakery, flour products contain yeast sources of gastric gases. Hence, flatulence, bloating, fermentation in the stomach, and other unpleasant feelings.

Juices: Fruit juices leach calcium from the tooth enamel and destroy it. But if you want to enjoy fresh juice, you should drink it an hour after Breakfast, before brushing your teeth, you also need to use a straw and drink very quickly, then rinse your mouth.

Sausages: the composition of even the most low-calorie sausage includes a small amount of meat a larger percentage is fat, and soy protein emulsion (waste misoprostole). Use of such a product is not enough. Better and more useful to eat baked Turkey, boiled breast, or other lean meats.

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