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These products are not recommended for Breakfast

Эти продукты не рекомендуют для завтракаNamed as harmful to Breakfast products

After published by scientists from Newcastle University with a list of healthy Breakfast foods, experts told, what five products are contraindicated for use in the first day meal.

In particular, scientists recommended not to eat sweet pastries. All kinds of bagels, croissants and repair, being the sources of a large number of fast carbohydrates will provoke a sharp increase in blood sugar and a surge of energy which quickly subsides in the process of assimilation of sugars by the body. Due to the increase of insulin production in the circumstances as quickly feel hungry. Cakes will not hold out until dinner without the extra calories eaten – she should prefer whole wheat bread, combined with cheese, egg or fish.

Also, experts advised not to use for Breakfast prepared store-bought yogurt, especially low fat and supplemented with all sorts of start to taste. In their opinion, the protein in these yogurts is small, but present in large numbers artificial ingredients.

Muesli was enrolled in the list is not useful for Breakfast foods because do not contain sufficient amounts of protein, but it is full of sugar and fast carbohydrates. Fast food, which is a fried and greasy food, in particular harmful child’s body, experts said.

In addition, inappropriate for Breakfast, the doctors called ready-made porridge, which requires steaming with boiling water and cereals with high carbohydrate content like manna. The use of these products quickly return a person the feeling of hunger – it is best for Breakfast is porridge made from coarse natural cereals that have a lot of fiber.

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