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These products are not recommended are pregnant

Эти продукты не рекомендуется есть беременнымExpectant mothers often want something tasty, but, unfortunately, not always useful.

What foods you must exclude from your diet during pregnancy? Read our material.

There are a number of products whose consumption, especially in excessive amounts, can greatly jeopardize the safety of both mother and child. Be careful, the diet of pregnant women should be under permanent control.

Dairy products

The use of dairy products for pregnant big. They contain calcium and protein – as important components for each person, and especially for little growing bodies. But unpasteurized milk and any food that contains it, can cause a food disease, and therefore its consumption should be excluded.

Special attention should be paid to the different varieties of soft cheeses, such as feta and Camembert. They are made from unpasteurized milk and can be present in the diet of a pregnant woman.
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Raw meat and seafood, including sushi

This part of products immediately falls into a special category is prohibited, due to risk of listeriosis and Salmonella poisoning. Although anyone with a fondness for these foods and consume them regularly, are at risk, however, pregnant women are susceptible to these diseases. And the disease takes them with severe complications.

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In particular listeriosis affects the fetus and can cause various pathological changes. Therefore it is better to limit the consumption of these foods during pregnancy and lactation.

Sugar and sweets

Sugar has no nutritional value, but also contains a large number of empty calories. Expectant mothers it is better to replace sugar with fresh fruit. It is not recommended to eat a lot of confectionery products, as they contain a lot of fat. This combination will take these products to the category of high-calorie that provides the minimum amount of nutrients, large amount of calories.

Sugar also has adverse effects on the teeth. Pregnant women more vulnerable, it becomes harder to resist any infection. During pregnancy you should limit the consumption of chocolate, cream cakes, biscuits, donuts etc.

Exotic fruits

It is better to refrain from the exotic. Many of these fruits can be a stress for an organism of future mother and child. In particular, the pineapple contributes to dehydration and stimulates uterine contractions.

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In the first trimester of pregnancy it can cause miscarriage. Unripe papaya fruit is poisonous. Watermelons and cantaloupes often contain chemicals — they can be easily poisoned. And anyway, a large part of the imported fruit is not very useful as pre-shipment, they are often treated with wax.

Tea and coffee

These drinks contain caffeine, an excessive content of this component adversely affects the health of the expectant mother and child. Their excess can lead to miscarriage, premature birth or low weight newborn. Large consumption of caffeine during pregnancy can result in cardiac dysfunction in neonates, and even convulsions.

Caffeine is also a diuretic, which can lead to an electrolyte imbalance. You can substitute strong coffee for decaf. During pregnancy is not recommended to drink large quantities of strong tea. It is possible to replace it with fruit teas and herbs.

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