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These products are necessary for all women after 40

Эти продукты необходимы всем женщинам после 40The basis of good health.

Unfortunately, after 40 years abroad, many women no longer look after themselves and their health.

And absolutely nothing! It is in this age, correct lifestyle and healthy eating are essential to maintaining the beauty and youth. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

After 40 years in the female body start to occur the first serious hormonal changes. The level of estrogen is reduced the hair, skin and nails are beginning to demand not only extra care, but also a balanced diet. In particular, during this period every woman should include in your diet the following products:

vegetable oil rich in antioxidants;

whole grains (especially oatmeal);

fresh fruits and vegetables;

dairy products as a source of calcium;

foods rich in vitamin B12 (fish, meat).

Will have to give up from greasy foods, carbohydrates (sugar, pastries, honey and other products) and alcoholic beverages.

Any woman after 40, however, as in any other age, should remember the importance of regular physical activity, adequate sleep and fresh air. Following these simple and enjoyable rules, you’ll stay young, healthy and delight the world with their beauty as long as possible.

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