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These products are harmful to male health

 Эти продукты вредят мужскому здоровьюScientists have found what foods you can’t eat men

As it turned out, not all the most common foods you can eat strong half of mankind. Men doctors recommend completely abandon the barbecue. After all, his “crispy” the crust of too many carcinogens that cause irreparable harm. Delicious fried chicken also made the list of banned products for men.

According to scientists, excessive consumption of this product can turn men into women, as it can disrupt the male hormones. But if you prefer a salad with cabbage to eat, and beer to drink with all this, the transition to female type you certainly provided. By the way, before the competition, Japanese sumo wrestlers eat only chicken. Fans of the sausage sandwiches will also need to be careful.

For the reason that white bread reduces the potency, and the sausage contains carcinogens and a lot of salt, which are bad for the heart. Men should abandon mint teas and chewing gum with menthol, as peppermint calms the whole body and affect the potency. Also affects negatively the male body Smoking. Scientists say that not only diet affects health, but also in General lifestyle.

However, food is one of the important factors affecting the overall body and well-being at any age.

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