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These products are especially beneficial for intestinal health

Эти продукты особенно полезны для здоровья кишечникаCabbage and radishes will protect the intestines.

The study, conducted so far only on mice shows that eating cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Collard and cauliflower, and radish – helps the immune system to fight intestinal pathogens.

A crucial role in protecting our bodies such as skin, lungs and intestine against environmental pollutants, toxins and pathogenic micro-organisms plays a specific protein, allopetion receptor (AhR). Recently, scientists from the Institute of Francis Crick discovered that another protein known as CYP1A1 regulates intestinal immunity, providing a link back to AhR.

They also found that an excess of CYP1A1 can lead to the depletion of the AhR in General, and this in turn makes the body vulnerable to pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria, such as E. Coli. In particular, the microorganism recognize potential perpetrators of a number of inflammatory diseases of the intestine.

On the other hand, molecules that activate the AhR, can do with products from the diet. During the experiments, it was found that the increase in the activity of important molecular factors can be controlled by adding nutrients contained in cruciferous vegetables. And they worked in two ways: by inhibiting CYP1A1 by activating the AhR.

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