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These products are better kept away from the fridge

Эти продукты лучше держать подальше от холодильникаNot all products can coexist peacefully with each other on the shelves of your refrigerator.

Did you know that certain foods cannot be stored in the refrigerator? Of course we want all bought and brought home was kept as long as possible. But many of the products life “shortens” it is cold and they cease to be useful, and sometimes may even bring serious harm to health.

The cold only slows but does not stop metabolism in vegetables, fermented meat and fish, not to mention the growth of microorganisms. Under the influence of humidity and lack of air circulation in some products begin to develop the processes of decay and reproduction of microbes.

Not very useful low temperature for fruits and vegetables. After spending several days in the refrigerator, even the latest lose a significant part of vitamins. What other products are stored incorrectly?

1. Bread

In bread bread quickly covered with mold, so we often put it in the fridge. But the cold does not prolong the life of the half loaf or “Ukrainian”. Refrigerate the bread dries quickly, plus he’s like a sponge, absorbing all the smells, losing its taste.

How: put the bread in a paper bag and leave them on the table at room temperature.

2. Tropical fruits

Bananas, kiwi, mangoes and other exotics in cold conditions produce ethylene. You probably have noticed that a banana a day stay in the refrigerator covered with black spots. The fruit still lose their taste, and mold on fruits from tropical countries can develop dangerous substances known as mycotoxins, which are carcinogenic.

How better to store tropical fruits in a cool dry place, for example in the kitchen Cabinet. Immature fruit under the influence of the room temperature in a few days reached the optimal condition. But ripe fruit is best to wrap kitchen towels.

3. Apples and pears

Not only the “guests from the tropics” does not like the cold. Domestic fruits are also losing in the refrigerator a large part of vitamins. And under the influence of moisture and even spoil twice as fast. In addition, studies have shown that most of the germs that cause diseases of the digestive tract, concentrated in the fridge that is on the shelves for fruit and vegetables. Often they can detect Salmonella, Listeria and mold.

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How: the Best place to store apples in a city apartment always was and still is a glazed balcony or loggia. If the balcony is not available, you can keep a container of apples on the windowsill at the open window, in the closet or in the hallway.

4. Fresh vegetables

In the winter the fresh vegetables available in stores from greenhouses, so vitamins in them and so little. And if you put tomatoes and cucumbers in the fridge, so they also deteriorate faster.

How: if the balcony has not left the place, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes for some time can be stored in the refrigerator. Just put them immediately in a plastic container with a lid. And by the way, to wash vegetables better just before the serving.

5. Onions and garlic

Don’t tell me that you never put onions and garlic on the door to the compartment on the refrigerator door. Almost everyone is doing it. Meanwhile, this is fundamentally wrong. Due to the lack of air circulation and excessive moisture rots onions, filling the fridge, an unpleasant smell, to get rid of that then it is not easy. Garlic, in the absence of air dries almost immediately.

How to bow is better placed in a grid (or old nylon pantyhose) and keep in a dark closet. Store garlic in wicker bundles, hung on the walls of the kitchen. Small amounts of garlic are best stored in bags made of dense natural fabrics, preferably together with onion husks.

6. Beets, carrots, potatoes

Most running products we usually put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. And absolutely nothing. The moisture of the refrigerator creates the perfect environment for mold spores and causes rot. Potato starch in the fridge turns into sugar, so mashed this potatoes get sticky and tasteless.

How to store root vegetables in a separate wooden boxes at moderate temperatures. Carrots will better retain their useful properties when stored in plastic bags, and beets can be folded into a small box and pour sand or onion skin.

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7. Greens

Almost everyone is faced with the dill or parsley from the fridge and went straight into the trash. It is not surprising, because the cold freezes the thin leaves greenery and resortas at room temperature, it becomes limp and watery.

How to Store dill, parsley, cilantro, lettuce and other fresh green tufts in the kitchen. You can put them in cups or vases with water, that plants “drink”, and the kitchen decorate. For long term storage of leafy greens are better for drying than freeze in the refrigerator.

8. Pickles

To put banks with pickles in the fridge simply does not make sense. Because home preserving is present in salt, vinegar and spices which will not allow the product to deteriorate. For this reason, from the refrigerator you can remove the hot sauces, ketchup and mustard. Open pickles should be sealed with a lid and leave on the balcony. And remember — homemade pickles are the products that cause exacerbation of pancreatitis, so eating them must be careful.

How to store food, not to throw in the trash?

You’ve probably heard that more than a third of the food we buy, leave in the bin. How not to let food spoil and to save on trips to the store? Very simple! You only need to follow two simple rules:

1. When you plan cooking at home, use the recipes with the products you already have in the fridge.

2. Put in the refrigerator shelf for products with expiring. So you will know what to cook first.

And another thing: you probably know this, but still — to avoid food poisoning is to not eat foods with iztiksim shelf life and food out of the fridge with obvious signs of damage.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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