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These products are best suited for muscle-building

Эти продукты лучше всего подходят для наращивания мышцFour products to build muscle

If you want to gain weight through muscle mass and not fat, you should reconsider your diet and add products that will best contribute to this.


For the growth of muscles need protein (protein). The minimum daily allowance of protein is 60 grams. Less if it enters the body, it will “take” protein from the muscles you decided to build.

Perfect dietary types of meat: Turkey and chicken. You can also choose beef which contains creatine. It is able to increase muscle mass while reducing fat.


Marine fish contains amino acids not less than meat. For example, mackerel, contain unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which is needed when building muscle.

A salmon, salmon, and tuna should add to your diet, even if you just watch your health. The amount of protein in the fish is sufficient to cover the daily requirement for the body.

Dairy products

Cheese contains the protein casein which is easily absorbed, and it is rich in vitamins A, C and B. the Average daily amount of cheese is 200 grams.

Kefir also improves the bone structure and increases muscle mass due to vitamin D.

Vegetables and fruits

Asparagus has more protein than any vegetable. And in the pods a lot of zinc, which also helps muscle growth.

Fruit perfect pineapple. It should have protein after lunch. He will quickly digestible protein.

Black currant and cherry, contribute to the strengthening of muscles, and three kiwi fruit a day will strengthen the immune system. And don’t forget about nuts, which contain a lot of protein.

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