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These products are best of all “clean” the liver

 Эти продукты лучше всего "чистят" печеньThe liver and gallbladder are essential for our health.

These bodies not only participate in digestion, but also involved in such important processes, like hormone production and accumulation of some nutrients.

The liver and gall bladder represent the bodies of so-called purification system. They constantly filter the blood, cleaning it of toxins that accumulate in the blood stream.

This allows you to remove from the blood various viruses and bacteria and protects us from chronic diseases, which negatively affects the quality of our lives.

The problem is that sometimes the work of these bodies is disturbed. This is due to the presence of certain diseases or accumulation of toxins, which is a consequence of bad habits.

Therefore it is very important pay attention to their diet and to include in your diet foods that natural ingredients which improve functioning of the liver and normalizes its function.

Experts told about 7 of the best foods that need to make part of their diet.

1. Broccoli

One of the most healthy vegetables, broccoli naturally cleanse our liver.

Contained in broccoli antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer and effectively cleanse our body of toxins.

It is also a source of fiber, which normalizes not only our digestion, but also reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Broccoli is a source of vitamin E — a soluble antioxidant which protects our liver from premature aging.

2. Nuts

In the nuts contain amino acid L-arginine, which protects our liver from the accumulation of toxins.

Nuts also contain fiber and fatty acids omega-3, which also stimulates the cleansing processes in this important body.

A small amount of nuts allows you to control the level of cholesterol in the blood and contributes to adequate absorption of fat.

3. Apples

Apples are an indispensable element of power of each of us.

The healing properties of these fruits have long been known to people. They are perfect for cleansing the liver and improve the gallbladder.

Apples contain plenty of pectin — a soluble fiber that cleanses the digestive system, removing toxins accumulated in the intestine and liver.

Consumption of apples reduces the level of bad cholesterol (called LDL-cholesterol). Thanks to them, our liver becomes easier to recycle it.

They contained malic acid facilitates the excretion of carcinogenic particles and toxins that accumulate in the blood.

4. Citrus

Citrus fruits contain essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants that stimulate the natural cleansing of the liver and soothe inflammation.

These fruits are a storehouse of vitamin C which strengthens our immune system and safeguard us from the emergence of infections and other serious diseases.

Thanks to the citrus our body better removes toxins and wastes. This is because these fruits can improve our digestion.

5. Avocado

Avocado is an important source of micronutrients that clean our liver and take care of her health.

Avocado contains essential for our body amino acids, fiber and antioxidants. All this promotes the excretion of toxins that accumulate in our body.

Also, these fruits contain glutathione is a compound necessary for our liver to remove toxins and debris.

Contained in avocado fatty acids omega-3 contribute to the reduction of LDL-cholesterol in the blood and calm inflammation.

6. Olive oil

This vegetable oil is a source of healthy fats. This means that its inclusion in the diet allows you to take care of the health of our liver.

It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and cleansing agents that stimulate blood purification with the aim of correctly deducing from it the toxic substances.

It contains fatty acids that enables you to control the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Thanks to them, our arteries become healthier, and the probability of developing cardiovascular disease decreases.

In addition, olive oil is a source of vitamin E and amino acids that create a protective barrier against free radicals, reducing the risk of developing cancer and other chronic disorders.

7. Tomatoes

These vegetables are a source of lycopene and amino acids. When they are assimilated by our body, our liver is improved and it becomes easier to clear our body of toxins.

Also, the tomatoes contain glutathione. This protein also stimulates the cleansing the liver of toxins, with the result that its functions improve.

In addition, tomatoes are a source of flavonoids and beta-carotene. These antioxidants have beneficial effect on our blood and protect our body from the negative effects of free radicals.

If you want to keep the liver healthy and clear it of toxins, in addition to your diet these products, it is recommended to avoid unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption and Smoking.

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