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These products are best medicine relieve headaches

Эти продукты лучше лекарств снимают головную больThe experts shared their knowledge about products, effectively relieving headaches.

As we know, headaches can be so intolerable that you continue to do what was already taken, it becomes impossible. It turns out that to stop the pain in the head can foods, rich with nutrients. These products doctors call natural medicines that are able to act better and faster pharmaceutical drugs. A big advantage of food is the fact that their much lower costs of drugs, and the liver is not so affected, and the headache still comes.

These products need to eat when you have a headache, to reduce pain:

1. Broccoli. The thing is that this variety of cabbage is enriched with b-vitamins, and doctors have long identified that the head might hurt just due to the fact that the body has developed a vitamin deficiency from this group. Therefore, the daily consumption of broccoli will provide the body essential vitamins and the headaches either disappear altogether, or will cease to disturb the person so often.

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2. Banana. This yellow sweet fruit has excellent taste. Its aroma can lift your mood. As it turned out, thanks to the banana can relieve and headache. And all because the substances contained in this fruit doubles the production of the hormone of joy — serotonin. After a few minutes after a banana is eaten by man, the headache will recede.

3. Mineral water. Besides the fact that water has a set of useful substances, it can clean the body of toxins. Plus, drinking plenty of fluids in advance eliminates the possibility of dehydration that often leads to headaches. If you suddenly start to have a headache and you remember that you drank water several hours ago, a glass of mineral can save you from headaches.

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4. The ginger root. This miracle plant has many beneficial and unique properties. But most importantly, his quality — this anti-inflammatory effect. Headache is always inflammation, so ginger tea can be very useful.

5. Jacket potatoes. Experts recommend to eat a couple of potatoes in their skins just when his head began to ache. To remove the spasm of the potatoes only because in its composition contains a sufficient amount of potassium.

No one and nothing can stop you to try to relieve headache with the use of the above products. Maybe you will find your tasty and healthy remedy from pain in the head for a few minutes.

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