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These products are bad for body odor

Эти продукты плохо влияют на запах телаFind out what popular products can ruin the smell of your body.

Eaten products directly affect the smell of sweat. Especially dangerous is red meat, tomatoes and not only.


Carotenoids and terpenes, which is found in tomatoes, is able to enhance the smell of sweat. So moderation in the use of tomatoes can’t hurt. Recommended daily intake – no more than four tomatoes a day.

Red meat

Slowly digest in the stomach and intestines, the meat will involve a number of digestive enzymes and reagents. Its cleavage products are absorbed by the intestine, enter the blood and sweat. Mingling with bacteria, they increase body odor.


In some cases, due to improper metabolism after milk sweat smell like cabbage, and when the body cannot break down leucine, isoleucine and valine that are included in dairy products, biological fluids of a person smell like maple syrup.


In the body alcohol turns into acetic acid, and then excreted through the pores. The more cocktails you drank the night before, the longer it will remain sharp body odor.


Some spices like curry and cumin contain sulfur, which directly affects the discharge from the skin pores. Once in the blood, it comes out with the breath and then, giving the body specific sour smell.

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