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These products are absolutely impossible to combine

Эти продукты категорически нельзя совмещатьNutrition is an important component of every person’s life.

It determines most of the processes that occur in the body.

We have already told you about what foods should eat not to gain weight, what to avoid, what better to eat in the morning and some before bed… All that’s really important, because it allows you to keep the body in good shape and not to worry about stomach problems! But there’s something else. It turns out that some foods are better not to combine. Today we will talk about this. Remember!

Different types of protein

Different foods containing protein require different digestive compounds in the body, as well as different amounts of time for their digestion. For example, you shouldn’t eat an omelette with cheese and meat. Instead, make a veggie omelet. This will be enough to be satisfied!

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Milk with any other foods

Unexpectedly, right? Milk need to drink only “alone”. It is the combination of milk with any other foods leads to indigestion. In no case do not drink milk after eating radish and garlic. And never drink sour milk products and fruits!

Tea, coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks with solid food

These drinks interfere with normal digestion. Any liquid dilutes the enzymes, so you find it difficult to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Cold water with the cooked food

Freshly prepared meals (hot!) easily absorbed by the body. Cold water inhibits the ability of digestion and leads to inefficient and incomplete digestion. The body has to work much harder.

Fruits with any other foods

Fruits quickly pass into the intestine, where it is easily absorbed and digested. If you mix the consumption of fruits with other foods, they create an acidic environment in the stomach, which would hinder the digestive process.

Freshly prepared meals with prepared/hot food

Even if you have a very good fridge, still with time the food will lose its beneficial properties. The combination of food at different stages of freshness (cooking) makes the digestive process more difficult. If you avoid these combinations, your stomach will thank you! Take care of your health!

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