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These products are able to kill a man

Эти продукты способны убить человекаDoctors told about the most hazardous product for the human body.

You are sure that your food is safe for your health? Most likely, the answer will be emphatically in the affirmative. Many of the dishes and the products improper use can have a negative impact on your health.

And sometimes cause death. Don’t believe? Look at this list and be careful in choosing what you’re going to send digested in your stomach!

Castor oil. Castor oil made from castor beans, ordinary. This plant also contains ricin, are poisonous to humans. It is important to use oil with caution, though its laxative properties are widely known. Also castor oil is used to stimulate hair growth. A lethal dose for an adult is eight seeds of this plant.

Octopus. The danger comes only from a live octopus in some countries it is customary to eat without any processing. Any living being will not like it if it eats. Therefore, cephalopods can resist and hooked suction cups for the wall of the esophagus, causing suffocation.

Plum. Plum useful in season they can be found almost on every table. However, in the fruit of plum tree contain cyanogenic substances in the body can turn into cyanide.

Unpasteurized honey. Honey from the store, most often, is pasteurized. In this case, do not worry. But in raw honey can contain grayanotoxin, which causes vomiting and dizziness. Infants honey is strictly prohibited.

Cassava. The cassava root, eaten by inhabitants of Africa and South America, contains linamarin. This substance is toxic to humans and can cause cramping, vomiting and long-term weakness. During heat treatment, linamarin destroyed, but this should properly prepare cassava. The slightest mistake can be fatal.

Peanuts. Peanuts is one of the most common allergens. Typical symptoms: dyspnea and edema. Without proper care death is fleeting.

Cherry. In the bones of cherry contains hydrocyanic acid (or hydrogen cyanide) is a highly toxic substance.

Fotopage. In Japan this fish is considered a delicacy, but the chef needs to undergo special training before you cook the fish. It is eaten raw, and in the glands of any species contains a strong neurotoxin. Every year in Asia from fugu poisoning kills about 100 people.

Rhubarb. We are accustomed to this plant, but its leaves are toxic. Their use may cause suffocation and death.

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