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These products and drugs are absolutely not to combine with alcohol

Эти продукты и лекарства категорически нельзя совмещать с алкоголемNot all products and ,especially, medication can be combined with alcohol.

As you approach the holidays increases the number of medical recommendations about the proper use of alcohol. The volume of alcoholic beverages has steadily increased during the festive holidays, but it is important to know: it’s wrong drinking alcohol not only leads to a hangover, but also to very serious health problems.

On the pages of gourmet magazine KitchenMag experts reminded, it is not possible to combine the alcohol.

Doctors strongly recommend not to consume alcohol with a snack in the form of sweet and fatty foods.

“Combined with a sweet (even fruit) alcohol absorbed by the body much slower, which increases its toxic effect, especially on the liver. For the same reason you should not eat alcoholic beverages fatty foods,” stated the experts.

In addition, it is not recommended to mix alcohol and antibiotics. Experts explain: alcohol actually makes antibiotic drugs useless in terms of a therapeutic effect, in addition, such a combination undermines the health of the liver.

Also, experts stress that it is impossible to combine alcohol with analgesic drugs to relieve pain of various degrees. Violating this rule, you will trigger severe liver damage, warned the doctors.

Do not combine alcohol with sedatives and hypnotic drugs. Their combination is able to incapacitate the Central nervous system, doctors say. The consequence of such violations may be dysfunction of the respiratory center in the brain that can lead to the cessation of breathing and cardiac arrest.

Not combining alcohol and medicines prescribed for problems of the cardiovascular system. Otherwise there is a risk of provoking a sharp drop in pressure with all the negative circumstances associated with this process (nausea, syncope, renal failure).

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Sudden increases of pressure can occur in cases when alcohol is mixed with energy drinks. Other troubles caused by this combination, spasms of the blood vessels of the brain, convulsions, liver damage.

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