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These products affect the skin

Эти продукты негативно влияют на кожуImproper diet affects the skin.

For anybody not a secret that everything we eat somehow affects our body and if it doesn’t like your diet, then gut and skin definitely will let you know. Men are not too sensitive to their face and barely notice the change in the quality of leather depending on the food, what can be said about women who take good care of her. The expression on your face was clean, and the skin shone with health, try not to abuse the products of our article.


Signs: redness of skin and eyes, flaking, increased wrinkles around the eyes, drooping eyelids, spider veins, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles in the nasolabial area and at the corners of the mouth.

Reason: if you find yourself at least 4 of the following symptoms, the “enemy” of your skin — alcohol. Let someone skin completely safely respond to a regular glass of wine at dinner or a fun party with lots of alcohol, but unfortunately, this story is not about you.

The decision: totally abstain from any type of alcohol at least for 2 weeks. Then, if it like you not under force, follow the rule “1 to 4”, namely: 1 serving of alcohol must have at least 4 servings of non-alcoholic beverages.


Indications: sagging skin around the eyes, horizontal wrinkles on forehead, acne all over my body, thinning of the skin, red spots, tired, gaunt face with grey or pale shade, thinning eyebrows (which is associated with enhanced adrenal glands to supply the body with insulin).

Reason: if four or more signs you put a tick, the enemy of your skin is sugar. This is probably the most common case of all, since the sweet tooth in the world a lot. But the more sugar enters the body, the worse it is absorbed. To maintain blood sugar levels, the body starts asking for more and more sweet.

Solution: gradually reduce the intake of sugar and fast carbs (cookies, cakes, sweet carbonated water, juices). Put, for example, in a Cup not 2 and 1 spoon of sugar, eat a cupcake instead of only the half. Your task is 2 weeks half reduce the amount of sweets in your diet, and a month to try to increase sugar consumption to a minimum.

Dairy products

Indications: uneven skin texture, eye bags, swelling, little white pimples on chin, acne, dark circles under the eyes, uneven complexion.

Reason: if you have noticed similar symptoms on the face, then the reason could be milk and dairy products. Most likely, the body does not assimilate them. But there is another reason: the store-bought milk is often included considerable amounts of chemicals and hormones (analgesics, antibiotics, growth promoters, etc.) contained in the feed for cows. All these components affect hormonal imbalance and can cause increased growth of cells, blocking the pores.

Solution: refrain from dairy products for three weeks. Scientists are increasingly inclined to leave the milk in the child’s diet and replace it with other sources of protein and calcium, which abound in the modern world.

Gljuteinovye products

Signs: dark spots, yellowish skin tone, acne on the chin, sagging cheeks, puffiness, rosacea, formation of double chin.

Reason: detection of 4 or more of these symptoms may indicate that the enemy of your skin has become a common gluten. This protein substance found in wheat, rye and barley, sensitive many people. Because his immune system may constantly experience the stress that is bad for the cells responsible for pigmentation.

Solution: change your diet in favor of gluten-free products. Exclude from menu cereals, pasta and flour and add meals that contain useful dietary fiber (bran, nuts, vegetables, dried apricots), drink more water.

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