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These powerful weapons are banned. Photo

Эти мощные виды оружия находятся под запретом. ФотоDespite the ban, these weapons still use.

In love and war all means are good. From ancient times, mankind has tried to limit the remedies of self-destruction: the Greeks believed the bow a coward’s weapon in the middle ages blamed the gun is not humane and infection sources, today we try to prohibit the use of nuclear bombs. Before you the list of weapons so dangerous that formally it is not used in any army in the world. Formally.

Эти мощные виды оружия находятся под запретом. Фото

Chemical weapons
The Golden age of chemical weapons came during the First world war. However, already in 1928, in Geneva, signed the first Protocol on the prohibition of poisonous gases, which did not prevent either Germany or Japan to use chemical weapons in world war II. In Vietnam the US army was also not averse to chemicals, so we had to ban such weapons again in 1997. But the issue not resolved: formal total destruction of existing chemical weapons stockpiles will be destroyed only by 2020.

Эти мощные виды оружия находятся под запретом. Фото

In 1942 the US military machine, was a one of the most deadly and most uncontrollable means of mass destruction of the enemy. Napalm was used by Israel, Iraq and Argentina, while the UN adopted in 1980 a Protocol for the prohibition of incendiary weapons. Did the Napalm stockpiles, really? Who knows.

Эти мощные виды оружия находятся под запретом. Фото

Biological weapons
In 2001, terrorists launched an unprecedented attack, sending around the world a series of letters infected with anthrax. Bacteriological weapons was banned in 1972, but there is little doubt that many countries are developing unique martial strains, the distribution of which can put under question the very existence of mankind.

Эти мощные виды оружия находятся под запретом. Фото

Climatic weapons
It may seem that the climate impact is possible only in science fiction novels, however, successful examples of environmental conditions was in the days of the Vietnam war. During the so-called operation “Spinach” American scientists have been able to increase the duration of the rainy season that led to flooding and destruction of communications guerrillas. In 1978, adopted the Convention on the prohibition of military impact on the environment: even nuclear weapons deemed less dangerous than the climate. But research in this area is ongoing by a number of countries: USA, China and Russia state that these developments are intended solely for peaceful purposes.

Эти мощные виды оружия находятся под запретом. Фото

Anti-personnel mines
During the Vietnam war the U.S. army of anti-personnel mines has reached 60%. Mined fields have taken the lives of many years after the fighting, despite the fact that undermining they are already civilians. The ban on use of antipersonnel mines (adopted in Ottawa in 1997) still many countries is considered a mere formality.

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