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These popular slimming methods can lead to serious complications

Эти популярные методы похудения могут привести к серьезным осложнениямNutritionists have called the most flawed healthy ways to lose weight.

Practically every woman at least once in their life wondered how to lose a couple extra pounds. Then, usually followed by a variety of experiments related to nutrition and lifestyle.

Fangled diet is not always pleased with the slimming effect they expected from them. And in some cases nutritionists call them extremely unsafe.

That man could do without complications after weight loss, the experts identified a list of the most dangerous methods of getting rid of excess weight:

Starvation. If who wants to lose weight went to a specialist and began to starve under medical supervision, then this option is quite appropriate. But don’t eat for a few weeks – is strictly prohibited and may lead even to sudden death or disability.

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Sweeteners. Many people give up sugar to lose weight and at the same time start using sweeteners that contain aspartame and other harmful substances that impair vision, cognitive ability and memory and can cause a stroke.

Clothing with the effect of “sauna”. It helps to increase perspiration and excretion from the body, but not fat burning, that is, to lose weight, putting on her at least every day, will not work. By the way, those who wore such clothes, often had problems with skin rashes, inflammation and so on.

The mercy of the capsule with an intestinal parasite. Not everyone can decide on something to settle in his gut worm, but there are those who still how to decrease body weight, main to decreased. Remember that the parasite can and will help you lose weight, but it will poison the body inside your stool.

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Taking a laxative. This method can be used only 1 time at the beginning of his ways for weight loss to help the intestine to be cleansed. But to repeat it too often is fraught with health in the future. Before you know it, as you develop bowel dysfunction and voiding it without laxatives no longer work.

Listen to the advice of nutritionists and don’t experiment, wanting to lose weight. It is better to start to eat right and slightly reduce the number of calories consumed, then weight will be reduced without harm to health.

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