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These popular products slowly destroy the body

Эти популярные продукты медленно разрушают организмDespite awareness, people continue to use products that reduce their daily life.

So, the first ones are fizzy drinks. They are the most harmful because of the high sugar content. Soda is extremely dangerous, because they contain 10 grams of sugar per 100 ml of liquid. This leads to diabetes and obesity. Alternative: it is best to eat whole fresh fruit.

In second place — the pastries. Cakes, delicious cakes is not recommended to use in excess, because they contain a lot of sugar, plus salt and preservatives.

Immediately after this are the cheeses. In hard cheese a lot of fat. For example, in Swiss cheese — 50% fat. And in vysokotarifitsirovannyh cheeses are especially high in cholesterol. Alternative: eat more cheese.

You should also remind about the bread. Experts are opposed to the presence of bread on the table. Not recommended even black bread. White bread is the cheapest and most dangerous.

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And in last place – perfect vegetables. Of times, passing through the vegetable rows, pay attention to the giant red or yellow peppers the size of a orange or a huge and beautiful tomatoes. All of these products are not recommended by nutritionists, because they are potentially carcinogenic vegetables.

Recall, scientists from the National Institute of heart, lung, and blood in the United States found the perfect diet that will allow you to get rid of excess weight. The best power device experts have called the “dietary approach to the treatment of hypertension”.

They argue that the best diet in the world is able to stabilize the blood pressure in the human body. In addition, the system will reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and to restore normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The experts also confident that “dietary approach to hypertension treatment” will improve the entire human body.

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We know that this healthy eating plan will ensure a long and painless life. Diet approach is a healthy eating plan that changes the way of life for the better. Due to the high use of this diet scientists called it the best in the world. Experts say that to restore health you can maintain a “flexible vegetarian diet”, which will allow to rid the body from the harmful effects of meat. This product is peculiar to for a long time to digest and rot right in the stomach.

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