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These popular cold remedies can harm the health

Эти популярные средства от простуды могут навредить здоровью5 products from cold, the benefit of which is exaggerated

About the products that help in the fight against colds and flu, adults and children know. But doctors say that the useful properties of many such products is noticeably exaggerated.

Take the raspberries and raspberry jam. Many believe that this product is ideal for the treatment of simple and grippaldi. However, it should be remembered that raspberry jam, despite its beneficial qualities and vitamin content, shows and even warming effect. At body temperature above 37.8 C?With raspberries to give patients therapists is strongly recommended. In addition, raspberry is one of the strongest allergens.

Doctors commented on the need to have a cold more citrus. But in fact, oranges and lemons can harm. The fact that these acids interfere with the absorption of aspirin, to the same active acidic environment adversely affects the mucous membranes, and for bacteria just as favourable.

Experts recommend to decline during the cold and drinking hot tea. Anything hot can not accept, they point out, otherwise after a while there is a deterioration. Also, do not need to put in the tea honey. According to experts, honey should not be mixed with any liquids – it should be eaten with a spoon, not drinking neither tea nor milk.

A habit to cook postojannogo man chicken soup is endorsed by scientists only in the case when the quality of the chicken carcass is no doubt. Unfortunately, store-bought chicken often have unwanted and harmful substances – antibiotics or growth-promoting components. Experts recommend to take out of chicken bones: they accumulate the most potentially hazardous compounds.

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