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These planets can be habitable

Эти планеты могут быть пригодны для жизни Extrasolar planets is a celestial body outside the Solar system.

Scientists from the American astronomical society believe that some exoplanets may be habitable, but this hypothesis is confirmed, it is necessary to conduct additional studies.

Experts explained why the number of exoplanets could be suitable for human life. American researchers believe that the chemical composition of some exoplanets differ from the composition of the Sun. However, to argue that on these planets life is possible, it is still too early, as for a start, scientists need to explore the terrain of exoplanets and the composition thereof.

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The researchers also suggest that these extrasolar planets have plate tectonics or a magnetic field, which is the main condition for the origin of life.

Recall that the exoplanet is a celestial body outside the Solar system. Its composition and size, they are similar to Earth.

Note that planets the size of Earth have been found around many stars, outside the Solar system, but this does not mean that they are similar to our planet. Some of these celestial bodies have been discovered orbiting stars with a chemical composition quite different from the Sun, and these differences are important for the process of origin of life.

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