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These pains indicate severe health problems

Эти боли говорят о серьезных проблемах со здоровьемThere are pains that may indicate dangerous changes in the body.

What kind of problems they say, and what to do in each case, to prevent dangerous complications.

Of course, the exact diagnosis in each case can put only a doctor, neurologist Anna Gorenkova and cardiologist Tamara Ogieva tried to outline the problems and understand the emergency measures.

1. Pain in the neck

Most commonly associated with spasms of blood vessels of the head. First, we need to measure the pressure. With increased pain will help spazmolitiki (spazgan, spazmalgon) and preparations papaverina (but-shpa, drotaverine).

Under reduced need stimulators with caffeine (tsitramon, kordiamin, kaffetin) or adaptogens type of ginseng and Schizandra to choose from – 30 drops of tincture). Pain tension when the neck muscle cramp, is best removed of a comprehensive analgesics type up Pentalgin.

2. Sharp tooth

Strong, pulsating pain indicates an acute inflammation: pulpitis, abscess (purulent formations). To the tooth is impossible to make hot, to warm the place around. So the inflammation will only increase, can break the abscess. Extra you can take simple analgesic that will soothe the nerve endings and means with lidocaine and other anesthetics (most often sold in pharmacies in the form of gels). And urgently to the dentist!

3. Neck pain

Most often caused by degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine (and one of its main reasons is the lack of rational physical activity and an uncomfortable position at your Desk).

Also similar pain can be caused by a myositis – inflammation of the neck muscles – after walking without scarf and hats on the cold spring wind. Are drugs based on ibuprofen and diclofenac and ointments. Leave a myositis without treatment, as with any inflammation, it is impossible – there is a risk of complications such as neuritis.

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4. In the center of the upper abdomen

Possible gastritis or ulcer of the lower departments of stomach and duodenal ulcer. They are typically nocturnal and hunger pain.

Pass when taking antacids, the drugs omeprazole, liquid enveloping of food. And unpleasant sensations in the stomach will be removed, zantac, motilium, reglan. Of folk remedies good mint tea, herbal lemon balm, rose hips and chamomile.

5. Under the ribs on the right

Perhaps this biliary colic or an attack of gallstones. The pain is sharp, starts more often in the evening, especially if you have overeaten. Can be reflected in right shoulder, collarbone. On the stomach put cold (ice pack). Hot water bottle absolutely not! You can take antispasmodic – baralgin, Nospanum. In any case, the aspirin! And be sure to be examined by a gastroenterologist. Without doctor appointments can not be taken cholagogue – if the gallbladder has stones, it can damage.

6. Under the ribs on the left

Possible causes:

Heart attack. The pain occurs abruptly, especially after fiznagruzki, runs cold sweat, disturbed heartbeat, galloping pulse. The pain is searing, oppressive, gives for the sternum, left arm, left shoulder and left side of the mandible. The patient should be laid, raising the upper part of the body, to give two tablets of nitroglycerine under the tongue to unbutton constraining clothes breath and immediately call “Fast”. An accurate diagnosis will help to put the cardiogram.

Young people are often under the “heart pain,” the masked gastritis, ulcers of the upper parts of the stomach. In gastritis the pain is dull, tedious, is tied to food intake – occurs or shortly after a meal or on an empty stomach, it’s hunger pains, caused by the excessive release of hydrochloric acid. Ulcer – the pain is persistent, aching, vomiting, not bringing relief.

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Accurate diagnosis is made by gastroscopy. Pain in the acidity will be removed antacids (aluminium phosphate gel, Maalox, gastracid). At low pH – festal, acidin-pepsin. In no event it is impossible – aspirin, analgesics, and so they irritate the stomach.

7. Encircling the upper part of the stomach

The most common cause – pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). The worsening is accompanied by vomiting, bloating, tenderness to touch, loss of appetite, indigestion. Pain is usually aching, worse in an hour or two after eating and at night. Pain attack will remove fermentation products.

8. “Spilled” in the abdominal cavity

Possible causes:

Enteric infection. Pain cramping, accompanied by rumbling in the abdomen, diarrhea and other “charms”. You can enjoy fixing a drug, for example, based on loperamide. With mild food poisoning the pain quite quickly after the adoption of sorbents, like activated carbon, shpy.

Those who are inclined to constipation, often plagued by colitis – inflammation of the intestine caused by conduction disturbance and motility. In colitis the pain is wave-like, but bearable, goes away after taking antispasmodic.

Appendicitis. Inflammation of the Appendix. Most often, pain starts in the stomach in a few hours “down,” down in right side lower abdomen. Is increased heart rate, fever, severe vomiting, often without nausea. No self-medication! Immediately call an Ambulance and to the hospital.

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