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These nine products can protect from cancer

Эти девять продуктов могут защитить от онкологииDoctors say that a good preventive against all types of cancer is correct, enriched with vitamins, nutrition.

One of the most terrible disease of the current Millennium as it turned out, can be prevented. It is enough to use the products are recommended by doctors and the cancer cells will not get a chance to develop in the human body.

As is known, the malignant tumors are localized in the organs or systems most weakened and the immune system is not doing its primary function, that is protection. Everyone can save himself or to protect from similar future Oncology diseases, often culminating in death. How to do it, you know nutritionists and they insist on the inclusion in the diet of the following products-antioxidants:

1. Green tea has a unique property to combat carcinogens, and this is why this drink with regular use and can protect humanity from cancer.

2. Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which occur natural cleansing of the vessels. This means that cancer cells almost no opportunities to development in the human body, which is the thing that eats walnuts.

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3. Broccoli is one of the most popular types of cabbage. Broccoli contains substances that destroy the malignant cells at the stage of their initial development. But also oncologists recommend the use of broccoli and those who have already diagnosed with cancer, because those substances may compete with successfully growing cancerous tumors.

4. Garlic is rich in polyphenols — substances that prevent the formation of cancer cells. If one of the bodies began to appear actively malignant cells, thanks to garlic, you can get completely rid of them.

5. Grenades, like all of the above products, has a luxurious range of nutrients, including polyphenols, omega-3, flavonoids and so on. All these components are powerful preventive measure against all types of cancer.

6. Fatty fish, accommodating the omega-3 is extremely useful product not only in the prevention against cancer.

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7. Olive oil is so useful that doctors recommend to use only it. It contains polyphenols, effectively protecting cells from free radicals and the formation of new cancer cells.

8. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene — a substance that prevents the development of harmful cells in the human body.

9. The berries are in good standing with the experts, because they can provide real protection from any man of all the types of cancer.

Of course, when a person is already diagnosed with a malignant tumor, it these products will not help to recover from the terrible disease. Necessarily the symptoms of cancer should go for checkup in the hospital and to implement all recommendations of the doctor. To follow a gentle diet as well as times come to the aid of products-antioxidants that will help the patient’s body faster to deal with his disease.

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