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These new year meals can harm the figure

Эти новогодние блюда могут навредить фигуреNutritionists said, what foods should be abandoned for those who want to preserve the shape.

New year’s feast is an overabundance of calories and fat. Besides, eating holiday treats have on the night time, and this by itself implies that will cause serious damage to the figure.

Most women before the New year sitting on a diet in order for this night to look beautiful and to fit into a dress two sizes smaller than last year. But then we bid farewell to the outgoing year and meet the new, eating in the vast number that have been reserved and prepared especially for the occasion.

Nutritionists refuse to recommend these dishes for those who want to stay slim and beautiful after the holidays:

Layered salads. Apart from a few of the ingredients in these salads contain a lot of mayonnaise, and this means additional calories.

Stuffed with mushrooms and vegetables. By themselves, the vegetables were good, but with the solid melted in the oven cheese and mayonnaise they become mega-calories.

Grilled red meat. This product already contains a lot of fat, and during its preparation is used a large amount of vegetable oil, which is practically composed of fat. Therefore, if you eat meat, then white and grilled without oil.

Meats. No holiday table, especially Christmas, is complete without a “meat” dish. It usually has different types of sausages, and ham, and salmon. But it is worth remembering that they contain a lot of salt and fat, and is a direct route to weight gain and swelling.

Cakes, cupcakes, pastries. In these ready sweets not just a lot of sugar, but also fats that accumulate in inaccessible places and to “chase” the excess weight after the New year will not be so simple. It is better to eat fresh fruit.

Tart filling. Tarts is a small “basket” consisting of shortbread, which is made with lots of margarine. Plus, the filling for the tartlets usually accommodates mayonnaise, eggs, meat, mushrooms, red fish, whipped cream, cheese and other products, the calorie content exceeds permissible limits.

If you can not place the will in a fist and you still will eat a variety of Christmas dishes, then at least do not overeat, and try everything, but for a little bit and move more, thus the extra pounds do not dwell in your body.

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