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These new gadgets will be useful in any apartment. Photo

Эти новые гаджеты пригодятся в любой квартире. ФотоThis year it was invented many useful things.

2016 is nearing completion. He was rich in the emergence of various innovative devices, including for the home. In this review, “seven” is a very useful electronic innovations of the year, which will be useful in every home.

1. Family Hub Samsung Refrigerator

Эти новые гаджеты пригодятся в любой квартире. Фото

The best in almost all respects, the fridge was made in the past year – Samsung Hub Family Refrigerator. The main feature of the device is that it is the first full-fledged “smart” refrigerator in history with an incredibly broad functionality. It can significantly ease the life of its owner.

In addition to the numerous chambers, offices and functions of food storage, the refrigerator is the most notable information panel, which may well be called a mini-computer. Thanks to her, the refrigerator can be synchronized with any mobile (and not only) device. Thanks to the built-in panel can not only control the refrigerator, but also surf the Internet, buy food and to do many other things. The only logical lack of novelty – a more than impressive price.

2. Nanoleaf Aurora

Эти новые гаджеты пригодятся в любой квартире. Фото

What is life without beauty? That’s about it, probably thought the makers of one of the most interesting fixtures of 2016 – Nanoleaf Aurora. To call this lamp, however, is quite difficult, but only at first glance. The thing is that Nanoleaf Aurora is a set of triangular LED panels capable of emit light of different colors. The panels are fixed on walls, ceilings, furniture and even the floor. The base set includes 30 triangles. Of them a happy owner can lay any pattern. The operation and configuration of lamps is carried out using a mobile device. A configuration set, by the way, is very flexible and allows to create incredible things.

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3. SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell HD

Эти новые гаджеты пригодятся в любой квартире. Фото

So-called “smart calls” appear on the market already not the first year. However, the case of HD SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell special. Today we can safely say that at the moment it is the best device in its class. Why? It’s very simple, but its creators managed to gather all the necessary functionality in one gadget, making it work simply, efficiently and gracefully. Novelty can boast of a crystal clear picture with the camera, the ability to broadcast to the mobile device detection system of animals and humans in front of the door, free “cloud” storage and other nice features.

4. Nest Cam Outdoor

Эти новые гаджеты пригодятся в любой квартире. Фото

Continuing the theme of home security, it is necessary to tell about the best surveillance camera. A worthy option is the Nest Cam Outdoor. The range of these cameras began its history in 2014, and since then model each year demonstrates the all-new level of quality. Despite the rather mediocre functionality, this device gives top-notch picture and works with mobile devices of the owner.

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5. Roku Ultra

Эти новые гаджеты пригодятся в любой квартире. Фото

In recent years, with the development of high-quality video resolutions there and so-called television streamingmovie consoles, allowing “pull” of Internet content in high resolution. A fine example of this technique was the Roku set top Ultra, which appeared relatively recently. It allows you to work with 4K content. Itself to view similar videos will be required and the appropriate monitor, or TV. An important advantage of the product is its functionality.

6. Logitech Pop

Эти новые гаджеты пригодятся в любой квартире. Фото

System “smart house” is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Not so long ago there were highly interesting prototype called Logitech Pop. This device can safely be considered the best in its segment, as it offers the most extensive range of connectivity options with other devices in the house. Using Logitech Pop you can even configure the operation of lighting! Of course, for these things will need to install appropriate equipment, but it is every year becoming more affordable.

7. Joule by ChefSteps

Эти новые гаджеты пригодятся в любой квартире. Фото

Don’t forget in 2016, inventors and about the kitchen. Not so long ago appeared on the market a device called the Joule by ChefSteps, which is the most interesting alternative to traditional methods of cooking. Fry cook now can be anything you want, using only that thing, and the smartphone is connected to it.

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