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These natural remedies are good for the heart

Эти натуральные средства полезны для сердца4 natural remedies for the prevention and treatment of angina

Sudden attacks of chest pain due to Ostrog to lack of blood supply to the heart muscle is clinical form of ischemic heart disease called angina.

Angina indicates that some portion of the heart muscle not getting enough oxygen. If oxygen deprivation is maintained for a long time, the myocardium may be irreversible changes: cell death – myocardial infarction.

So if you have heartache, you must make every effort to as quickly as possible and better to remove the attack. It is very important as early as possible to identify the disease, to begin a systematic treatment and, thus, slow down its development.

In the treatment and prevention of angina, will help the herbs, but need to apply them under medical control.

Adonis spring. Angina and heart weakness for the expansion of the coronary vessels, atherosclerosis and nervous excitement to reduce the reflex excitability of the medulla to drink the infusion of inflorescences (1ch.l. raw materials pour 200 ml of boiling water, let stand 10 minutes) 1 glass morning and evening.

Ammi dental. The drug Kelin obtained from the fruit of Ammi dental used at atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis and chronic coronary insufficiency.

Astragalus sherstistotsvetkovogo. Hypertension, angina and failure of the cardiovascular system to drink infusion of herbs (10 g of material per 200 ml of boiling water) 2-3 tbsp 2-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks.

Hawthorn blood-red and other types. For the treatment of angina pectoris easy to drink infusion of fruits, flowers and leaves (1 tablespoon of raw materials to 250 ml of boiling water) half a Cup 2 times a day.

Hawthorn extracts improve heart function, expanding coronary artery, increasing blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the heart. This is due to the presence in the hawthorn special compounds oligomeric procyanidins and flavonoids, which dilate the coronary arteries by relaxing their smooth muscles.

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