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These natural juices should be drunk every day

Эти натуральные соки нужно пить каждый деньNamed fruit, berry and vegetable juices that promote good health.

We are talking about natural juices prepared at home and are not amenable to heat treatment. In any freshly squeezed juice contains a lot of useful trace elements, providing a benefit to the human body and its overall health.

Nutritionists called the most useful types of juices:

Pomegranate. Improves the blood and prevents the reduction of hemoglobin, and iron.

Orange. Strengthens the immune system, tones and cleanses the blood.

Grape. Cares about the heart and circulatory system, besides, improves brain activity, and therefore useful for children and the elderly.

Apple. Cleanses the entire body, does not allow to form stones in the kidneys, increases intelligence and cognitive abilities.

Carrot. Restores eyesight, eliminates free radicals and thereby protects against cancer of the digestive tract.

Cherry. Eliminates constipation, improves appetite and helps speed up the metabolism.

Pear. Dissolves kidney stones, kills pathogens.

Tomato. Establishes the digestion, reduces the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood, helps to lose weight.

Grapefruit. Not allow fat cells to absorption, speeds up metabolism, promotes weight loss and revitalize the liver.





To be healthy and slim, include natural juices in your daily menu and cook them yourself. So you can protect yourself from many diseases and will increase the duration of his life for a dozen years or more.

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