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These mountains involves a lot of secrets. Photo

С этими горами связано много тайн. ФотоThe most mysterious mountains of our planet.

Widely used the word “mountain” can refer to any great exaltation, and some of the mountains listed in this article, are not natural hills, located on the surface of the Earth. However, they are huge, and are either striking or mysterious. Before you — ten mountains, surrounded by mystery.

10. Brown Mountain (Brown Mountain)

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

To no avail after several years of hoping to see the mysterious lights that are rumored to appear in the area of brown mountain in North Carolina, Professor of physics at Appalachian state University (Appalachian State University), Dr. Daniel Cato (Daniel Caton) was ready to put this bullet. If not, on 17 July 2016, when he saw the ball rapidly moving over a mountain ridge. The ball disappeared, reappeared, disappeared again and reappeared again.

The Professor checked both the cameras that were recording this phenomenon to make sure that each of them caught this strange behavior of the ball. If there was only one camera, he would certainly have considered this to be a glare in the lens, however, both cameras shot the same thing.

Eliminating glare in the lens, however, he could not find any explanation to the appearance of this mysterious ball, and the lights over brown mountain to this day remain a mystery to the scientific world.

9. “The mountain was in the trench”

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

NASA scientists puzzled by a feature recently observed on the surface of Charon, the largest moon of Pluto. Described as “the mountain in the ditch,” upland in the lowlands was captured by a team of Geology, Geophysics and visualization of NASA mission “New horizons” (using NASA’s New Horizons Geology, Geophysics, and Imaging team), when the spacecraft flew Sputnik on 4 July 2015 at the 9th year of his interplanetary journey.

Scientists hope that a clearer picture of the “mountains in the trench” can help to clarify the mystery of “precise data”, which will be extracted from the imaging equipment of the spacecraft.

8. Rainbow mountains

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

Nature took 24 million years to create the aptly-named Rainbow mountains that are part of the Zhangye National Geopark and danxia peak (Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park) in China. Mountains, towering steep, thick, uneven angles, consist of colored Sandstone. Squeezed for centuries, the rock was lifted up because of the shift of tectonic plates that formed a sharp, towering peaks.

In the result, the mountain is dotted with bright orange, yellow, blue, green, red, brown and other colors, giving them a festive, and sometimes magical. Part of the city looks like a colorful candy, the other part resembles scattered through the prism of colors on the surface of the steep peaks. Many seem to be painted with a giant brush.

7. Moving the mountain

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

In fact the mountain isn’t supposed to move, but the towering mountain of sand does just that, moving every year on 20 meters. And it’s not just a huge sand dune, which, as we know, can move. According to the former President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete (Jakaya Kikwete), a handful of sand from this mountain “kept moving” even after he carried her to the car.

Towering at 10 meters and with a width of 100 meters, sand mountain, Crescent-shaped, every decade, changes its shape and direction. Once she was even divided into two parts and began to move in different directions.

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It is believed that it is the product of a volcanic eruption. The management of the natural reserve of the Ngorongoro conservation area (Ngorongoro Conservation Area) uses beacons to track and predict the movement of the mysterious mountain.

6. Seamounts

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

Two camera-equipped submersibles, known as the “Pisces IV” (Pisces IV) and “Pisces V” (Pisces V), has allowed scientists to dive to a depth of several kilometers, where they saw underwater mountains that are isolated by raising the seabed with the top and slopes. Some of them rise above the seafloor at 3000 meters. Seamounts extend to the greater part of the World ocean.

Most of them are not scientists have investigated seamounts are habitats of rare and unusual creatures, including Galati (pryority sharks), slithery acne and a possible new species of coral.

The cameras captured the octopus grimpoteuthis, changing its color, floating by the submersible “Pisces V”, obviously, staying in the process of shedding skin. On another video you can see the terrible view of the Pacific Arctic shark, its dark shadow, following it along the sea bottom while it floats next to the submersibles.

5. Sharp Mountain (Mount Sharp)

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

After 5 years of studying hundred probable places, in July 2011, NASA chose the Gale crater (Gale Crater) on Mars as the landing site for the Curiosity Rover, as the hill inside of the depression showed signs of the presence of water, necessary for life.

The origin of the mountain inside the crater, named mount Aolida (Aeolis Mons) or sharp mountain (Mount Sharp) remains unknown, and the crater is on the “varied terrain”. The mission of the Mars Curiosity Rover was to search for organic compounds based on carbon, similar to those that exist on Earth.

According to scientists, these compounds can be found in the foothills of mount sharp. While the astrobiologists agree that there are no signs of life, they believe that the Gale crater and its mountain may be the best place on Mars to start the search for extraterrestrial life.

Currently, scientists believe that the mysterious 5.5-km-long mountain was not created by water, as they had hoped. It was formed mainly of deposited layers of lake silt deposited by the wind. However, they also believe that the foothills of mount sharp “a long time ago been exposed to water” and what the mysterious mountain may once have been big enough to fully cover a 154-kilometer crater.

4. Mount Sugarloaf

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

Towering over Rio de Janeiro mountain Sugar loaf rises to a height of 396 meters, being the world-famous geological feature. However, strange signs, symbols, and texts that once appeared on the slopes of the granite tops are really mysterious.

In October 2013, the green laser beams created “encoded characters”, leading to a mysterious message. Supernatural hologram, reminiscent of the turbulence of the four feathers, framed by intersecting curved lines, remained on the hillside for two hours, before it gradually disappeared and was replaced by the text “#WINNER takes EARTH” (“#WINNER TAKES EARTH”).

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Some believe that the mysterious message can be associated with the holding of the world Cup 2014 in Brazil, however, the meaning of the strange message remains a mystery.

3. “Instant mount”

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

In a matter of minutes the same asteroid which killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago created the mount, surpassing the height of Everest. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula (Yucatan Peninsula), close to Chicxulub (Chicxulub), Mexico, the mountain occupied the centre of a huge impact crater with a diameter of 180 kilometers. Instead grow in the top one, “instant mount” shaped peak ring is an almost circular mountain range inside the crater.

There are two theories regarding the origin of mountains. According to one, the ring top was formed when under impact from an asteroid the top of the peak melted, formed into a ring of unrelated vertices. Another theory argues that the asteroid has penetrated so deeply into the ground that caused an explosion crater.

Scientists investigating ring the top of the crater suggested that it was formed as a result of the destruction of the node, which then formed a ring, the kind known as a model of dynamic fracture.

2. The great dune of Pyla

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

The great dune of Pyla is located on the shores of the Bassin d’arcachon (Arcachon Bay) in France. A huge sand dune with a width of 500 meters, a length of 3 kilometers and a height of 107 meters is moving at a speed of 10 meters per year, and over the last 57 years has moved to 280 meters (or an average of 4.9 meters per year).

On his way dune swallowed or buried under a 20 units of private property, 8000 m2 of pine forest and the road.

Moving the massive sand dunes is due to winds blowing in from the ocean. A mountainous dune has become a tourist attraction, attracting the attention of climbers, paragliders and trekkers.

1. The Sea Mons (Mons Ahuna)

С этими горами связано много тайн. Фото

The sea Mons (also known as “Pyramid”) is located “middle of nowhere” on the dwarf planet Ceres, puzzling Paul Schenk (Paul Schenk), a member of the team of scientists working on the mission of the spacecraft Dawn, geologist of the Institute of moon and planets (Lunar and Planetary Institute) in Houston, Texas. As a rule, such formations associated with craters.

Up a pyramid-like peak of almost 6.5 kilometers high and 16 kilometers wide is also mysterious for another reason: down its slopes descend unexplained “streaks of light”, reminiscent of the same mysterious bright spots which appear inside the crater Okkator on Ceres.

Initially puzzled by the origin of the mountain of Akhun Mons, scientists now believe that it may be “a giant ice volcano.” Eruption of salt water from deep within the earth over millions of years, gradually formed a “Pyramid”. David A. Williams (David A. Williams) from the school of Earth and outer space (School of Earth and Space Exploration) at the University of Arizona (Arizona State University) says that the researchers hope to see “a burst of air” at the approach of Ceres to the Sun.

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