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These morning habits can significantly improve health

Эти утренние привычки могут существенно улучшить здоровьеThe experts on healthy lifestyle told how to start your day.

How you will spend the morning, will depend on your health throughout the day. Plus, the lifestyle changes and the introduction of useful habits in three weeks will bear fruit – health in General to improve.

Improving the quality of health can be expressed in reducing body weight, reducing volume, eliminating headaches and high blood pressure and swelling and other problems that previously were chasing you.

What morning habits can significantly improve your health?

Early rise. Of course, this habit can be realized, if you can learn to go to bed early. The first time will have to Wake up with the alarm, but eventually when you get used to it, you can do without it.

Water. After waking up from bed, you need to drink a glass of water, which you cook for yourself in the evening. Then, it is useful for digestion to drink a glass of water with lemon and honey.

Charging. Literally 15-20 of simple exercises will allow you to improve your appearance.

Shower. It is desirable that it was contrast. Due to changes in water temperature stimulates circulation, which is useful not only for skin but for the energy state and for the cardiovascular system.

Breakfast. Definitely need to eat Breakfast, and the healthy dishes are eggs, oatmeal or any other cereal, hard cheese or cottage cheese.

Fresh air. Walk to work when I got off public transport 1-2 stops early. You will receive the charge of oxygen, and will train the heart muscle and increase physical activity.

Listen to the advice of experts and after 21 days you will get used in new ways to spend the morning, due to what can boast of excellent health and superior condition.

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