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These methods will help to reduce the pressure not worse than drugs

Эти способы помогут снизить давление не хуже лекарствPhysical activity sometimes is not inferior to the drug effectiveness

Swimming, Hiking or lifting weights in the gym affect blood pressure worse medicines. To such conclusion researchers from the London school of Economics and Stanford University in the United States.

In the fight with hypertension the most commonly used special prescription medications. However, the study found that physical exertion sometimes is not inferior to these drugs in efficiency. Regular walks, swimming in the pool or weight training lower blood pressure just as medications category beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors. From high blood pressure or hypertension affects one in three adults. Of these, more than 40% should take specific medications, but in reality it makes less than half.

As a result, each year tens of thousands of Russians die of heart attacks and strokes solely because of inadequate blood pressure control. Observations show that regular intake of medicines and control pressure using home blood pressure monitors are much prolongs the life of patients with hypertension. And now researchers have proven that having a lot of side effects medication is not the only means to effectively reduce the pressure. Physical activity can cope with this task not worse.

American and British researchers conducted a meta-analysis 391 studies involving 40,000 people. It is proved that the combination of aerobic and resistance training equally effective in reducing blood pressure as the use of drugs. Even more, if the medicine with time you can develop a certain resistance, and their effects reduced, physical activity always remain effective.

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