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These methods of getting rid of seasonal allergies really work

Эти методы избавления от сезонной аллергии действительно работают Experts have told about methods available to combat seasonal allergies.

September in Ukraine is the month when Allergy sufferers get caught in a hay fever Allergy to ragweed, mugwort and quinoa. Seasonal Allergy is the most common and ways of treating it there is enough for everyone to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms without resorting to drugs.

Signs of hay fever:

– runny nose and nasal congestion;

– lacrimation and redness of the eyes;

– shortness of breath;

– change and cough;

– asthma attacks;

– rashes on the skin.

Very often, seasonal allergies are confused with SARS, and the only difference is the lack of elevated body temperature, as well as the fact that hay fever often accompanied by a rash on the skin.

Methods of treating seasonal allergies:

1. Moving. This is one of the most expensive and uncomfortable ways to treat fall allergies, but it is effective. In Ukraine at the beginning of autumn always blooming weeds that cause an allergic reaction in people who are prone to allergies. So it makes sense to go abroad or where such plants do not grow.

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2. Less to go outside. Will have to be patient for long, because soon the ragweed and other plants will wither away, and their dust will no longer spread through the air. If you must go outside, wear sunglasses and a respiratory mask, such security measures will protect the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes from pollen of allergenic weeds.

3. Compliance with special hygiene. Allergies each time you return home from the street, to wash, to rinse, to wash her hair and to wash clothes. If this is not done, the pollinosis cannot be avoided.

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4. To abandon the use of certain products. Namely: honey, melons, greens, seeds. This is necessary while will not wither the plants pollen which extends to all that grows in the ground and in the air. These products often grow surrounded by ragweed, pigweed and other weeds, and honey and is composed of pollen.

5. Take antihistamines on prescription from your allergist. To self-medicate in the case of allergic diseases doctors do not recommend, because choosing the wrong method can worsen your health. Therefore, if you notice that you are overcome with seasonal allergies, immediately consult a specialist and use the above methods, then the Allergy will quickly recede.

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