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These male politicians are considered the most beautiful. Photo

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. ФотоThey could be actors.

What image POPs into your head when you hear the word “politician”? It’s probably overgrown a strapping man with a small (or large) poscom joined eyebrows and a frowning appearance. However, there are policies that in their appearance demolish all the stereotypes.

We decided to compile a list of the most attractive political figures is able to collect hundreds of thousands of votes, just smiling.
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Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

2015 is Prime Minister of Canada. It is curious that a bright political future one-year-old Justin prophesied even Richard Nixon, who was then the President of the United States.

During his tenure as Prime Minister, Trudeau lowered taxes for the middle class and increased taxes for people in leadership positions. He also intends to pull out of poverty of families with children who live below the poverty line.
Aaron Shock

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

This sports an attractive man originally from the United States. In 2009, he became the youngest member of Congress.

Aaron was the Creator of 38 bills, of which 13 became law. They all relate to education, child protection, assistance to veterans, road-building technologies and personal data protection.
Hans Linde

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

Was born in 1979. With 27 years he was a member of the Swedish Riksdag. Since 2010 he has headed the parliamentary faction of the Left party in Sweden. Prior to that, he was Deputy Chairman of the “Young left”.

Hans is a staunch defender of women’s rights.
Dan Jorgensen

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

This politician from Denmark. He is the Minister of agriculture in 2013.

Dan Jorgensen is collaborating with the EU on the issue of climate change and advocated a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. Dan also encourages tightening of the law on the protection of animals.
Antero, Vartia

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

Antero — member of the Parliament of Finland. He represents the Green League. In the past, this charming blue-eyed Scandinavian managed to be an entrepreneur and even an actor.

Famous, Vartia also not because of your political activities, and through the establishment of the Finnish counterpart, the Australian documentary series “Find my family”.
Crown Prince Fredrik

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

The eldest son of Queen Margaret II, heir to the throne of Denmark. From Fredrik extensive range of interests, but most of it is carried away by research, associated with changes in the Earth’s climate. Prince loves playing sports and is part of the International Olympic Committee.

In accordance with the Charter of the Danish monarchy, the crown Prince can not influence the political life of the country. He is an active social worker and known as a generous benefactor.
Zac Goldsmith

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

Zac goldsmith, member of the British Parliament. He loves to travel and has managed to travel the world. Previously, goldsmith was a journalist. Since then is an ardent fighter for the environment and twice participated in Oxford debates with this topic.

He resigned from the government, when it adopted environmentally dubious decision to build a third runway at Heathrow airport. His dedication Zach won the public and was soon able to return to Parliament as the independent candidate.
Gabriel Vikström

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

In 2014, Gabriel became Minister of health, medicine and sports in the government of Sweden. One day he went against the opinion of the leadership of his party and put forward the idea of introducing a 90-day guarantee for unemployed young people.

Vikström is an active user of social networks. In his spare time, he leads a normal life of 32-year-old handsome: meets with friends, going to cafes, and attending concerts.
Alex Greenwich

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

Alex holds the post of member of the Legislative Assembly of South Wales. Alex is known as a fighter for the government’s responsibility and transparency of its activities.

He also cares about the preservation of the natural and urban environment, in favor of the inviolability of national heritage, the emergence of affordable housing and improving transportation systems.

Brian Sims

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

Since 2012 is a democratic member of the house of representatives of Pennsylvania. 11 Nov 2013 Sims was one of the creators of the bill intended to make changes to the system of selection of judges in Pennsylvania. Also Brian is the Chairman of the Subcommittee of the social services for mental health.

This politician was born in a military family. In his childhood he had to live in 17 U.S. States. Sims loves football and was even captain of the football team at the University of Bloomsburg.

Sheikh Hamdan-Hazza

Эти мужчины-политики считаются самыми красивыми. Фото

A member of the ruling dynasty of the Emirate of Dubai, Chairman of Dubai Executive Council. Hamdan is one of 13 children in the family. This young man is not only beautiful, but fabulously rich. Forbes estimates his fortune at $ 18 billion, the Sheikh, do not skimp, donates funds to help disabled and sick children.

In 2002, this cute politician created for sensational Emirates a law under which children are prohibited to take the post of camel driver. Now Hamdan-Hazza holds the post of leaders of the League to support young entrepreneurs, the Committee on sports of the Emirate of Dubai and the Dubai center for autism research.

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