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These items most often forgotten in a taxi

Названы предметы, чаще всего забываемые в такси Interesting statistics shared Uber.

The company Uber announced the third annual ranking of forgotten items in a taxi, from which you learn that left passengers in Uber cars in Ukraine and Europe.

Were determined not only to forget the most things at Uber, but also the “forgetful” of the European countries, capitals and days and, of course, the most bizarre items left in Uber.

Over the past year, passengers often forget phones, handbags, wallets and keys. However, after users of Uber are not only the usual things – cars in Europe have found different, starting from the head of the African voodoo doll and radiator, and up to big Mac and the black spider.

In Ukraine it is often forgotten phones, clothes and wallets, keys, bags, headphones and glasses.

Uber has also identified days of the week when most often forgotten things. Most Ukrainian users contacted the helpdesk about forgotten things on Monday. And the most forgetful day 2018 in Ukraine began on March 12.

Among European countries, users are most likely to forget your stuff, the leaders are France, Netherlands and Ireland. Ukraine in this list is in eighth place, but Kiev has also entered the Top 10 most forgetful of the European capitals, on 9-th place (the leaders of the then London and Amsterdam).

Among the least forgetful of the countries of Europe Austria, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Among the most unusual items that Ukrainians were left in Uber, was baby potty, Mickey mouse gloves and the dresses of the bride’s friends.

By the way, the forgetful passenger, Uber in the world was a user from Brazil and last year it announced support lost as much as 28 times.

If you find that something is forgot during the last trip with Uber, go to the Help section in the app, and if you forget one in the car – you can log into your account from your computer. Here’s what to do:

– Click “Your visit” and select the trip during which you have left something
– Hit “I left the thing in the Uber”
– Click “Contact driver about forgotten things”
– Scroll down the page and enter your contact phone number.
– Click “Send”.

If you forgot your phone, enter the phone number of a friend (you can do this by logging in to your account on a computer or using a friend’s phone).

We call to the specified number and connect you directly with your driver.

If your driver will meet and confirm that you have found your thing, check convenient for both the time and place of the meeting.

If your driver does not answer, leave a detailed voice message describing the lost things and the best way to contact you.

Top most often forget things Uber in Ukraine:

– Clothing

20 the most unusual items forgotten in Uber in Ukraine:

Children’s backpack with purse with bananas and a homemade sword
Two baby cars Roar and Flash
– Fruit basket and bar equipment, flask 20 liters of water and a wooden tripod
– Boots baby
– Two boxes for napkins
– Potty
– Iron
– Form pie tin and iron tray
– Fishing rod in cloth case black
Counters for water
– Grill skewers and folding in the case
– The bumper from the stroller
Dresses bridesmaid
– False hair
– Pants
– Dancing shoes
Gloves Mickey Mouse
– A poster of Marilyn Monroe

Top 10 most “forgetful” countries in Europe:

– France
– Netherlands
– Ireland
– Poland
– Croatia
– Spain
– Ukraine
– Switzerland
– Lithuania

Top 10 least “forgetful” countries in Europe:

– Austria
– Turkey
– Czech Republic
– Belgium
– Norway
– Estonia
– Finland
– Sweden
– Portugal
– Greece

Top 10 most “forgetful” capitals in Europe

– London
– Amsterdam
– Paris
– Dublin
– Warsaw
– Geneva
– Zagreb
– Kiev
– Rome

Top 10 least “forgetful” capitals in Europe:

– Vienna
– Prague
– Brussels
– Oslo
– Istanbul
– Tallinn

– Helsinki
– Stockholm
– Lisbon
– Athens

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