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These herbs will help to cleanse the liver from toxins

Эти травы помогут очистить печень от токсиновAt home you can actually improve your health, cleanse the liver from toxic substances.

The liver is one of the most important internal organs on which depends the health and appearance of the person. As the liver takes a major portion of toxic substances entering the body with food and air, it should always be taken care of.

The man is immediately noticeable how healthy his liver. If he has dark circles under the eyes, dull hair, brittle nails, he constantly feels weak and tired quickly, than to not do it, you should still try to clear the liver of toxins. In the case when traditional methods not helped the situation worsened even more, then the first thing you need to visit a GP, who will refer the patient to appropriate tests in order to find out the cause of this poor state.

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Anyway, traditional medicine offers at least occasionally to clean the liver herbs official — preferred drugs and diet, and also warns people about the fact that any manifestation of self-treatment should first discuss with your doctor and only then proceed to “home” methods.

So, the most correct methods to gain health of the liver:

1. The infusion of these plants are: peppermint, Melissa, Potentilla goose, celandine. All the herbs mix in a thermos, poured 1 tbsp of each herb. Pour the herbs with boiling water. After 15-20 minutes it is necessary to drain the contents of the flask, and then drink 200 ml. it is Advisable to prepare this infusion, to obtain the resulting liquid is not more than 200 ml because drinking it should be hot every day for three weeks, according to glass.

2. Infusion of chicory root and mint. This infusion to cleanse the liver is prepared in a first infusion, that is, dried herbs, pour boiling water in the thermos and let them steep, then strain and drink hot. Only in this case, the number of mint and chicory root must not individually exceed 1.5 teaspoon, but just a thermos filled tablespoon of these two plants. Exactly three weeks every day to drink this infusion.

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3. The infusion of the marigold flowers. For its preparation you will need about 40 grams of dried marigold flowers and a liter of boiling water. Pour the flowers with water, set aside until the morning, and again in the morning need to boil the infusion, strain it and drink one third before Breakfast and same before lunch and dinner. Course of this infusion lasts 3 weeks.

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