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These healthy habits will help lose weight effortlessly

Эти полезные привычки помогут похудеть без особых усилийThe way to toned figure starts in the kitchen.

Print this list of useful tips and don’t forget to follow them — the results will not keep itself waiting.

Remove harmful products out of sight

It is best not to keep the house foods that are high in refined sugars, salt and fat. If such products are available, put them in an opaque container or on the top shelf, where you won’t be able to see them.

Watch your portions

Use measuring cups to control portions is rather than to define the volume of the eye.

Include in its menu, vegetarian food

It should be the basis of your diet. Each meal should contain a serving of vegetables, fruits or whole grains — quinoa, pasta from durum wheat or oatmeal.

Replace the sugar with fruit puree

You can even add it to the dough. Replace a third to half sugar fruit. If you are using juice, don’t forget to reduce the amount of liquid when cooking. You can use any fruit — bananas, apples, pears, figs, dates or grapes.

Follow the rule of 10:1

Read the label. In the product for every 10 grams of carbs should account for at least 1 gram of fiber. In such, usually contain less sweeteners.

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Tidy up your kitchen

One of the easiest ways to fix your diet and start life with a clean face is to throw out all the junk food that is lurking in the kitchen cupboards, the refrigerator and freezer.

Weigh yourself on Fridays

Stand on the scales every Friday, this will help you to keep yourself in good shape for the weekend.

Prepare yourself

One meal outside the home every day during the year you will add couple of inches to the waist. When you prepare food at home, its caloric value is reduced on average by 134 calories.

Skip snacks

Restaurant appetizers can contain more than 800 calories. What to do if you are hungry and can’t wait for the main course? Order a side dish or soup, which contain an average of 250 calories.

Carry a container with food

Brought your own lunch will save you gaining 5 pounds a year. Bring healthy snacks: salads, sandwiches with plenty of fiber and protein. This will help you stay satisfied until the evening.

Think, before something to eat

Understand whether you are hungry or want to eat from boredom and stress.

Sleep more

Due to lack of sleep produces ghrelin — the hormone that causes hunger. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours, consume 300 calories more.

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Eat foods with whole grains

They contain useful dietary fiber, less sugar, preservatives and TRANS fats than processed grains.

Add fire

Spicy food suppress appetite and speeds up metabolism. Season foods with hot sauce or pepper.

Eat carefully

Sit down, put down the gadgets, enjoy every bite of food. This procedure will help to prevent overeating and stay full longer.

Plan menus for the week

Not only main meals but also snacks. Do it on Saturday or Sunday — so you will have more time to buy groceries and cook them healthy meals.

Make a list of products

The people who came to the supermarket without a list of products, buy two times more than those who thought of everything in advance.

Choose natural sweeteners

Add vanilla or cinnamon to your latte, oatmeal or yogurt. These products will make the dish sweeter without any additional calories.

Reduce the consumption of booze

Alcohol — the main enemy of any diet. There are a lot of calories, it increases appetite and destroys will power. It is better to give up alcohol, but can drink 1 or 2 glasses of dry wine a week.

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