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These habits will tell you how you are happy in the relationship

Эти привычки расскажут, насколько вы счастливы в отношенияхHappiness manifests itself in an unconscious action.

Dr. mark Goulston psychiatrist and a recognized international expert in the field of interpersonal relations, the author of several bestsellers about the art of living a happy life. He found 10 habits that will allow any couple to keep love for life.

Go to bed at the same time

The happy couple go into the bedroom together. If in the morning someone needs to get up early, try to choose the best time to sleep for both.

Develop common interests

So people were good to each other, they have common interests. Don’t underestimate the importance of time spent with each other. If the shared interests you have, they can develop. For example, make a habit of walking together on Fridays to the bowling alley. Or in the pool every Saturday. It can be anything!

Hold hands when walking
No matter how adults, serious and independent we may seem, tactile contact is very important. So learn to walk the streets holding hands!

Trust and forgive each other
Disagreements and arguments happen to all. But truly happy couples know each other instantly forgive injuries, to put up with.

Pay attention to the fact that the partner does right, not on error
You can look at any person in work, at home or driving, and immediately found numerous shortcomings in how and what he does. But why? Psychologists know one Golden rule of a strong relationship: one critical remark should account for 10 compliments. And it works!

Hug each other when meeting
Our body has a great “physical memory”. The more we embrace each other, the better we do. There is a kind of form of addiction. A pleasant addiction.

Saying “I love you” and “Good day”
These words are a great way to buy some patience and calm for the day ahead. You will have to stand in traffic jams, long lines and meet with other troubles. Words like “I love you”, will make you less likely to break at home.

Tell each other “good night”
It’s, like, a trifle, but this detail should not be forgotten. Regardless of what you are now relationships and cursed you in the evening or not, if you please your partner before going to sleep at night. It’s such a simple form of caring that is “cheap”, but still works.

Call each other during the working day

Call partner into the office and ask how he passes the day at work, reliable way to lift the mood of both. Plus, these conversations help to synchronize and more effectively to spend time after work together.

Touch each other
Don’t hesitate to touch each other’s hands or other body parts (no vulgarity!) In public places (to put a hand on the shoulder, easy to take etc.). It strengthens the relationship of partners to each other.

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