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These habits will help you not get infected with the flu

Эти привычки помогут не заразится гриппомThere are people who get sick with influenza and SARS are rare.

At first glance, to find the reason for this luck is difficult, because they may not differ a healthy glow and physique.

Most likely, in the lives of such people have good habits that help them stay healthy even during the period of the epidemic. So what to do to not get sick?

Wash hands after street

When you go outside, you meet with lots of opportunities to be infected by the flu virus, but often they go unnoticed. The handles on the doors of the entrance and near the surface, rail transport, handshake, door to the office, keyboard, another computer, etc. once you enter the room, try to clean the surface of your hands: wash with soap and water or treat with antiseptic wipes. Ideally, wash hands several times a day, but even washing your hands twice a day on arrival at work and after returning home greatly reduces the chances of Contracting the flu.

Carry wipes

Disposable wipes come in handy when you need to scratch your nose or eyes, but you’re on your way to wash your hands anywhere. With their help, you can temporarily cover your mouth and nose in transport, if you have no medical mask, and next – clearly a sick man.


When you refuse Breakfast, you are depriving yourself not only of fuel required, but full immunity. During the epidemic of influenza need to have Breakfast every day. When the flow of food in the body produces endorphins, the number of immune cells in the mucous increases. This simple mechanism strengthens the immune system of the respiratory tract, and you remain under enhanced protection the entire first half of the day. To recharge, time to think about lunch.

Agree about meetings in advance

This rule of etiquette will be able to render good service to you, not to get sick with the flu. In the preliminary conversation a person can inform you about your condition, or you’ll hear it in your voice. Knowing that he is ill, you will be able on-to another plan or to reschedule for a few days. Helpful during the influenza epidemic of spontaneity is more useful.

Drink hot tea

This pleasant and relaxing ritual helps to flush with the mucosa of the nasopharynx influenza viruses increases the local temperature of tissues, which kills the infection on the spot. Pair a hot drink settles in the nose and also drain into the throat. Increased blood circulation increases the activity of local immunity.

Read the transport

If you are passionate about an interesting book, I will try to read it under any circumstances. Instead of communication in the company on the way home you sit down or step aside to dive into the book. This will allow you to breathe the air of the lower layers, which is considerably less full of bacteria and viruses (the warm air is at the top) will not share microorganisms with the interlocutors during a conversation.

More often go on foot

If you like to get in advance to go Hiking on the way to work, the chance to meet with the flu virus you will be much less. In addition to the prevention of influenza in these walks also have the benefit to maintain a good shape. Just remember to dress warmer.

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