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These habits prevent you from sleeping

Эти привычки мешают вам нормально спатьIt turns out that we are daily committed by the erroneous actions before going to sleep and because of this the quality of sleep suffers greatly. What kind of mistakes most often made by people, said the experts.

Scientists have determined the number of night hours that a person must spend in a horizontal position on my bed. This figure varies from 7 to 8 hours and if you sleep less, sleep enough, and if more will feel uncomfortable throughout the ensuing days and he will be thinking only that back to the pillow.

Not everyone manages to follow the main rules of temporary sleep, but, worse still, people manage to aggravate the situation and harm themselves by developing some habits that negatively affect the quality of sleep and its duration, as well as on health in General.

So, everything in order. What can you not do so before going to bed:

1. Avoid consuming caffeine after lunch. Misconception of people is that the caffeine is only contained in coffee. In fact, he is in tea and chocolate, and birth control pills. So should study carefully the composition of any product, drug, drink available in caffeine to sleep well at night.

2. Drink a glass of alcohol just before bedtime. Most people are confident that thanks to the alcohol they quickly fall asleep. But the damage to vascular and other systems of the body thinks for some reason no one. Moreover, sleep under the influence of alcohol will be intermittent, shallow, but the consequences are people will feel sure in the near future.

3. Not to change the bed sheets that covered 2-3 weeks or more. Experts recommend changing sheets, duvet cover and pillowcase at least 2 times a week i.e. every 3-4 days. And they should not just wash in hot water and drying in the fresh air, and then another, and iron. Units comply with this rule. Others ignore them and sleep, along with millions of microorganisms that are harmful to health.

4. To go to sleep on the old mattress. So easy to wash the mattress will not work, but go give it a press when changing the sheets is still possible. By this action, you can reduce the number of germs living in it. Experts advise to change the mattress every 10 years and to choose the model, made of natural fabrics.

5. Cuddle with your favorite pillow. It turns out that now develop pillows designed for the special situation of the human body during sleep. That is, for those who sleep on your side, one pillow, who are on the belly or back — the other.

6. To take to bed with me gadgets and hanging out in social networks. So you risk not to sleep until 2-3 o’clock in the morning, especially if you start with someone to write.

7. Remove the socks before bedtime. Experts claim that in the socks helps with sleep. Nothing prevents you to test this theory.

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