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These habits can ruin your eyesight

Эти привычки могут испортить ваше зрениеDo everything you can to ensure your eyes stay healthy!

We’ll tell you what hurts the eyesight.

Sleeping in contact lenses

It’s not even the fact that during sleep, the contact lens can mechanically damage the cornea. While wearing lenses limit the access of oxygen to the cornea, and this creates an environment, a dangerous infection of the eye.

Touching the eyes

Have a habit of rubbing your eyes? Be aware: it can be unsafe to the health of your eyes! Your eyes are protected by mucous, and when you RUB the eyelids, the germs accumulated on the outside of the eyelids, can get to the mucous. If you have itchy eyes, so that it is impossible to tolerate, put your fingers on the eyelids when the eyes are closed, and hold them for a few minutes. But remember that ocular itching may be a sign of eye infection so it is better to consult an eye specialist.

Neglect screening tests

Doctors advise to check your visual acuity once a year. Even if you believe that any vision problems you have, then visit ophthalmologist: sometimes eye diseases develop without symptoms, and to notice something was wrong can only be a specialist.

Too much load

To imagine life without modern gadgets it is impossible, but try not to look continuously at the monitor or smartphone screen. Ophthalmologists suggest to distract from the screen every 20 minutes: strain the optic nerve can cause headache. There is a 20/20 rule: every 20 minutes take a break for 20 seconds. It would be great if you could in the 20 seconds did the eye exercise.

The use of pencil for eyes

Despite the fact that applying eyeliner on the inner lower lid makes the look expressive, eye doctors suggest not to abuse this makeup. The pigment particles of the eyeliner may contain bacteria. By the way, liquid eyeliner is especially dangerous in this sense because the tip of the applicator is always in a tube – enclosed space, where it is possible to development of bacteria. It is safer to put the arrows with a soft eyeliner, but here doctors advised to do eyeliner only on the outside of the eyelids.

Sleep with makeup

Have the habit not to wash away makeup in front of som? You know that it can cause conjunctivitis, pimples, styes. Even if you are tired, in any case, do not sleep with painted lashes!

Abuse drops

You have often red eyes from computer work and you constantly use the drops? It is not safe. Drops, relieves fatigue eyes contain vasoconstrictors, but also they contain preservatives that can harm the eyes.
Remember: vasoconstrictor drops can only be applied from case to case. If you have every day inflamed eyes, you need to consult an eye specialist.

Lack of protection from the sun

Many people think that wearing sunglasses is necessary only in the summer, but it’s not. In winter, the effects of UV on the eye even more, because the sunlight reflected off the snow. Excess ultraviolet radiation can cause corneal burns. In winter Sunny days, be sure to wear sunglasses!

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