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These habits can lead to premature aging

Эти привычки могут привести к преждевременному старениюTo preserve the youthfulness of the skin is not as difficult as it seems.

How to stay young? How to make the skin supple? These questions are asked women ages 18 and beyond. We want to stay beautiful and young for a long time, but it is not always possible. No matter how tried. Can we do something that harms and hinders.

Smoking. It is no secret that Smoking ages the skin, adversely affects the body and is generally better not to smoke. In addition, regular Smoking cigarette contributes to the development of nasolabial wrinkles. Because of the constant “twisting” of the mouth into a tube.

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To drink from the straw. Continues the theme of Smoking. From the fact that we are constantly being compressed lips when you drink from the tube – formed crease. Therefore, it is better to restrict such movement and to drink from a Cup.

Sleeping on your stomach or side. Roughly speaking, your face just crumpled the pillow during sleep. At a young age is not noticeable, but later, when the skin loses collagen you will notice a detrimental effect cushion.

Computer. The light from the screen not only spoils the eyesight, but also ages the skin around the eyes. Such an effect can be obtained if it is near the monitor for a very long time every day. Better wear special glasses – a little bit will reduce the effect.

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El. Yes, winter is cold and you want to keep warm, but excessive heating dries the skin. After she becomes less elastic and ages faster. Think about it.

No fat. Weight loss, healthy eating, veganism is good, but our body, especially the skin can not be without the fat. She dries away. No, we’re not talking lean for burgers. Think about nuts and olive oil, for example. They contain fats and very helpful.

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