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These habits can cause premature aging

Эти привычки могут стать причиной раннего старенияHow to keep the skin in good shape.

Researchers have observed, in the course of which he investigated the causes and habits that determine the difference in speed of aging people.

One of the most common errors leading to deterioration of the body and its aging is the exclusion from your diet of fat.

Products containing fats, often called factor of high cholesterol in the blood. But do not forget that fats of vegetable and animal origin required by the body.

Habit to control their emotions, hiding moments of joy or negative, can also cause premature aging. Such a trait is destructive to the psyche and can contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, social isolation also has a negative impact on the body. Communication allows you to maintain the human brain in good shape and stimulates the formation and growth of new neurons.

Sleep and rest is everything. It is important enough sleep and rest, to escape from the routine of Affairs.

And another major instigator of premature aging is Smoking.

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