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These habits can be a cause of hormonal failure

Эти привычки могут стать причинами гормонального сбояThe doctors explained what human actions lead to violations of the thyroid gland.

Scientists have spent many years to study the process of hormone production in the human body. On the endocrine system and the thyroid in particular is influenced not only by gender and age, but also the environment, lifestyle, habits, and so on.

Doctors managed to point out a few bad habits to hormonal levels, which actually seem harmless:

The use of social networking or rather clock stay online. Doctors say that’s enough for a couple of days not to go on Facebook, Instagram and other sotsploschadki as stress hormone levels drop dramatically.

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap? Get ready for the fact that your desire to destroy the bacteria on their hands will result in hormonal disorders, and even fertility. Scientists explain this danger, the fact that antibacterial soap/spray/wipes contains the antibiotic triclosan, and he, in turn, destroys the mitochondrial membrane, causing the cells die.

Work for the night. Many people work nights and don’t even realize what damage they cause to their health. If you regularly don’t sleep at night, the levels of the hormone melatonin will be reduced to a minimum, from which entirely disturbed sleep will accelerate the ageing processes, the immune system will become weak, and the protective functions of the body is almost inactive.

Drinking coffee at the wrong time. We all know that a bedtime coffee drink, as it can develop insomnia. But as it turned out, Cup of coffee between 8 and 9 a.m. and 17:30 and 18:30, may lead to increased levels of cortisol in the blood, and this is the stress hormone. So if I drink coffee, it is only at any other time except the one specified.

If lately you began to feel weak, not enough sleep, too tired and too irritable, it makes sense to get tested and to know about the thyroid gland and endocrine system in General.

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