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These habits are very bad effect on the kidneys

Эти привычки очень плохо влияют на почкиTake care of your kidneys.

According to scientific experts, some detrimental to the kidney has a habit, every second inhabitant of the planet.

Experts told about what habits undermine the health of the kidneys. In particular, the kidneys are suffering from abuse of salt – love for salty snacks increases the load on the kidneys because it generally increases blood pressure. Also the abundance of salt in the diet can lead to the deposition of kidney stones and the unpleasant symptoms associated with this process.

Another product that is dangerous to abuse, is meat. The kidneys provides excretion of protein and other products formed during its digestion. If too much, the kidneys are not doing, and they can see the stones.

Nice to know that kidney damage can cause receive painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Also, scientists have noticed a link between kidney problems and use of drugs from heartburn.

In addition, negatively affects the work of the kidneys in the habit of drinking soda. According to a study involving 3,000 women by drinking two bottles of “pop” in the day of kidney disease occur 30% more often.

An insufficient amount of water is another blow to the kidneys. Since this pair is working on with the purpose of intoxication, lack of fluid in the body elimination of toxins is hampered, as the blood becomes more dense. Harmful to the kidneys and dramatically increased physical activity in the blood at such a fast increase in load begins to receive an excessive amount of toxins.

Of course, not going to benefit the kidneys, the abuse of alcohol and nicotine. Smokers and too passionate admirers of alcohol is several times more likely to suffer from impaired kidney functions.

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