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These futuristic predictions may soon come true. Photo

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. ФотоAn underwater housing and farms and other insane predictions.

Almost every week in the world there are various technological developments that are designed to improve people’s lives. And in parallel with it comes new predictions for the future. And although the task is not easy, but it happens that people manage it with remarkable accuracy. So, what is the promise to humanity in the near future.

1. Home of the future for $ 5000

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1950 in the magazine “Popular mechanics” published an article entitled “the Miracles that will become a reality within the next fifty years.” In the article it was assumed that construction materials such as wood, brick and stone, will become too expensive to 2000. Instead, the house will begin to make metal, plastic sheets, and foamed clay. By this time the house was supposed to be cheap (cost only $ 5,000), and resistant to weathering.

But their service life, as predicted, was to be only 25 years old, because “there would be no point in building houses that can stand for centuries”. Also the author believed that household gadgets will be minimal. For example, it was thought that the dishes will be placed in the sink, where it will dissolve in boiling water. Plastics will be made from cheap raw materials such as stone fruits, soybeans, straw and wood chips.

2. A loaf of bread for $ 8

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1982 he published a book called “the Universal almanac future” in which it was predicted that by the year 2000 most Americans will experience prosperity. The rapid development of computers, genetic engineering, and services, according to the predictions of this book would lead to lifestyle changes and economic growth. But the authors also believed that the prices of common food products would be increased dramatically.

For example, the book predicts that a loaf of bread will cost $ 8 and a pound of coffee – $ 25. However, it was also estimated that the average wage will rise. In 2010, the secretaries had to pay $ 95 000 per year, and factory workers – $ 197 600 per year ($ 95 per hour).

3. The dam between the Soviet Union and the United States

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1960, the Soviet Union released film called “In 2017”. He described a day in the life of a boy named Igor and his adventures in a futuristic Moscow. In the film, Russia is preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. In this imaginary world of Western “imperialists” won, the rivers, the Yenisei and the Ob has been changed to rivers flowing into the Caspian sea is the Arctic ocean and through Bering Strait dam was built, which connected Russia with Alaska. In the polar regions of the USSR was built ice town.

4. Underwater housing

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1964, Isaac Asimov, one of the most famous science fiction writers of the 20th century, visited the world’s fair in new York. Inspired by this visit, he published an article in The New York Times, which predicted how the world will look in 50 years. Asimov believed that in 2014 will begin the colonization of the continental shelf. A popular housing option will be a underwater housing, which particularly will enjoy great demand among lovers of water sports.

Underwater housing expected to contribute to more effective exploitation of marine resources, both food and mineral. Asimov also believed that the suburban underground house with a “easily controlled temperature, free from the vagaries of weather, clean air and an adjustable light” will become commonplace.

5. Factory in space

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1983, the Agency for science and technology in Tokyo interviewed 2,000 experts to those predicted what life would be like if “all the new technologies and innovations really would have been implemented as planned”. Some of the predictions that were made by these specialists are accurate. For example, this applies to ordinary households that will be able to use all types of information in connection with the development of digital communication networks.

However, other predictions were completely wrong. For example, experts believed that the factories and experimental laboratories will float in space in Earth orbit by 2010. The experts also believed that such illnesses such as cancer, apoplexy of the brain and heart disease will be vanquished forever.

6. Nails and hammers

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1960, “the American weekly” magazine has launched a survey on how people imagine life in the next 10 years. Their predictions about the future of the houses was particularly stunning, although completely wrong. People thought that the house will have the function of automatic change of color of the roof. These roofs would change the color from bright warm days to a darker color in cold days to regulate the heat inside the house. It was also believed that the nails and hammers will be replaced with superglue.

7. Mosquitoes and flies will die

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1900 “The Ladies Home Journal” published an article by John Elfreth Watkins Jr. titled “What may happen in the next 100 years.” The article was frighteningly accurate in relation to some predictions, such as mobile phones and frozen prepared foods, but it is equally inaccurate with respect to other predictions.

In particular, one of the things which were wrong this article was the prediction that mosquitoes and flies will be virtually destroyed. It was thought that you have destroyed all places where they can breed mosquitoes, drained all pools with standing water and swamps, as well as chemically treated all of the ponds where stale water.

8. Flying bikes

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1909, the correspondent of “new York times” said French occultist Henri Antoine Jules-Bois, about his vision for the future. “The philosopher-prophet” predicted that passenger cars will be forgotten in 100 years, and completely replaced the flying Bicycle, which would allow citizens to fly on their own. Jules-Bois also claimed that the cities would become practically deserted at night and “was used” only for business.

As a result, would prefer to live in the countryside or in the suburbs, filled with gardens. Jules-Bois believed that the flying bikes, flying cars and pneumatic railway, ultimately, will become so common that the question of time spent on the way to work, will become completely unimportant when choosing your home.

9. The highway “air conditioning”

One of the episodes of the disney TV series “Magic highway, USA” in the 1950-ies predicted as transport, and especially road will change for many years in America. It was predicted that common will be “the colorful interstate highway system” which will allow drivers to reach the destination simply following the correct color band. And the roads that will be laid in hot deserts, are fully air-conditioned. Moreover, these roads will be in tunnels, which were built by atomic reactors, propavshih rocks.

10. Airfields on skyscrapers

Эти футуристические предсказания уже скоро могут сбыться. Фото

In 1920-e years, some people believed that the airfields on the skyscrapers are a great way of transporting passengers in cities. The runway had to either be on consoles, leading from the roof to the outside, either on consoles, located between multiple buildings. One of the innovative architects were so inspired by this idea, proposed to build a sort of giant “tables” on the roofs of skyscrapers and to place the landing site for them.

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