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These funny laugh any rules

Эти забавные правила рассмешат любогоThese rules of etiquette will definitely make you smile.

Perhaps anyone with children is aware of the norms and rules of etiquette. But for each era, the concept of decent manner of his. And if a few centuries ago, to wipe his hands on the tablecloth or lying is considered a determining factor of an educated person, today it is, at least, surprise.

As you know, the sentimental ladies of the past centuries often fainted. There is a perception that too tightly tied corsets did not allow the ladies breathe, and those from lack of oxygen, lost consciousness. This is partly true. But over time, a swoon began to use as a technique to suddenly avoid answering a touchy question. And to attract the attention of others, too, can be a picturesque fall on the floor, rolling his eyes.

Today at a dinner party it is considered rude to lean back relaxed in his chair, and in ancient times at feasts people did the job lying down. The ancient Greeks relied on the left hand while the right reached for food and wine. The only women who were allowed on holidays, were priestesses of love. So lying was not only convenient to eat.

Today it is difficult to imagine that a guest with one hand, took the food, and the other was loudly blowing his nose. Although, to be honest, there are always exceptions. However, even 5 centuries ago, for such person’s actions would be considered quite well-mannered. Moreover, earlier there was no concept of napkins. Their role was played by the cloth – long cloth, which is wonderful for guests wiped their greasy hands.

Before the concept of honor was inextricably linked with the origin of man, ie, Dukes, barons, counts automatically considered people of honor. And if someone tried to question their nobility, then immediately had to answer for it. If you do not respond to the insult, it was possible to lose the honor and accusations of cowardice.

The duel was directly related to the protection of honor. To refuse was impossible, so the duel was the fastest and most acceptable way to find out the relationship while adhering to all norms of etiquette.

Over the last hundred years women have achieved gender equality and the opportunity to do the same as men, including to shake hands with each other. And a couple of centuries ago it was considered impolite. A handshake was considered the exclusive prerogative of men. If the gentleman shook hands with a woman, then it is possible to do business.

And this, too, was considered indecent.

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