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These funny animals have mastered human profession

Эти забавные животные освоили человеческие профессииSix touching animals, human have mastered the profession.

Recently in a Franciscan monastery in Bolivia there is a new novice: a dog named Brother Carmelo. Pictures of him in a cassock glorified four-legged monk all over the world, although it is not the first pet that I had to wear uniforms. We found cats, dogs and pigs for animals with unusual professions.


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Little miniature Schnauzer color of pepper settled at the Franciscan friars of the Bolivian city of Cochabamba four months ago. First, because of the shaggy muzzle of his dubbed Brother Moustache. Then someone noticed that the dog looks like one of the monks — mustachioed brother Carmelo. Schnauzer began jokingly to call Carmelo, and the nickname stuck.

The dog clearly did not know and did not want to know about what behavior befits the members of the order of St. Francis. Contrary to the vow of poverty, he got into the habit to steal things and hide them in the yard. With the vow of obedience also went wrong. Four-legged, the monk did not manage to break the only vow of celibacy, but it is only a matter of time.

The monks decided to pick up the Schnauzer and the proper vestments. “We have dolls that we entertain the children, explained one of the monks a local television station. — One of them was the cassock. We decided to utilize it.” Doll robe fastened on the dog. In this form, and it caught one of the visitors of the monastery. He took a few photos and posted them online.

Funny frames was reprinted by media around the world. The monastery was flooded with letters and phone calls. Everyone wanted to go where dogs wear robes. But it is not included in the plans of the monks. They had to explain that although St. Francis and is the patron for animals, beasts in his mansion, usually do not dress up. To change this tradition no plans.

Эти забавные животные освоили человеческие профессии

Brother Carmelo
The chief of the railway station

Tourists specially came to Kinokawa unremarkable town in South-East Japan, to gawk at the train station. The fact that her boss worked non-pedigree cat named Tama. Even in Japan rare. He was on duty on the platform of a peaked cap, meeting arriving passengers.

The post got the cat for nothing. In 2006, he saved the railway from bankruptcy.

At the beginning of zero in Kinokawa went less. The Affairs of the railroad were very bad, and in 2004, the line passed into the ownership of another company, which immediately started to reduce expenses. Employees of the stations had replaced local residents who have agreed to chaperone on a voluntary basis.

In Kinokawa care about the station instructed the owner of a nearby store. He decided to put his cat on duty in an old ticket booth. This interested the audience, and the town is flocked by tourists. In 2007 the railway company supported the initiative, formally appointing Tamu chief of station.

Cancellation of trains more question: on the contrary, let the new composition of the painted cats. Near the station opened a shop selling Souvenirs depicting the railway cat.

In 2012 Tama appeared Deputy — a cat named Naama. Within three years, they have alternated duty, and when the cat died of old age, Naama replaced it on a post of the head of the station.

Эти забавные животные освоили человеческие профессии

Stationmaster Tama


Firefighter William Lindler from the American town of Hanahan in South Carolina were working in the yard of own house when the wind brought the smell of smoke. Burned one of the non-residential buildings in the neighboring yard. He ran to her and saw how the fire jumped the neighbor’s dog. After it ran tiny puppies born three weeks ago.

Suddenly part of the ceiling collapsed, and the last puppy has disappeared in the smoke. The fireman tried to break through the wall to get to him, but nothing came of it. To go in without breathing apparatus, he did not dare. Fortunately, after a few minutes the fire truck arrived. Lindler grabbed a gas mask and rushed into a burning building.

Because of the thick smoke he found the puppy, who was lying in the corner and didn’t move. A firefighter carried him outside and asked someone to bring a wet blanket. After artificial respiration, the puppy woke up, tried to stand up, but it was early to celebrate. The animal suffered serious burns and needed help vets.

The neighbor refused to pay for treatment, and then Lindler took the puppy himself, calling him Jake. Specialists several months fighting for the life of the dog. At first, one of the employees of the veterinary clinic had every evening to take Jake with him to change the dressing with antimicrobial ointment at night.

Efforts were not in vain: the dog recovered and grown. In December 2015, Jake took in the city fire Department and presented him with a shaped vest with a badge. The document was signed by the mayor of Hanahan, and the dog put him on the paw print.

Jake’s story got on Reddit and touched the hearts of Internet users. Lindler still write from all over the world, and one from Kenya came a parcel with dog food. “I feel like a Secretary to Jake,” admits Lindler. Fire takes the dog with him when attending school lectures, and hopes to teach him to notice the fire by the smell.

Эти забавные животные освоили человеческие профессии

Jake, the fire dog

An airport employee

Arriving at the international airport of San Francisco meets “night brigade” — 25 dogs that are on duty with their owners in the waiting rooms. It is believed that it helps relieve stress and elevates the mood of tired passengers. People really like it.

In December last year, the team entered a miniature pig named Lulu. Once a month she traverses the airport in a lush pink skirt. In such a place you least expect to see a funny pig, but in this calculation. “People are tense, I see the pig and suddenly realize that the plane is delayed — it’s not so bad,” says owner Lila Tatiana Danilova.

Pig knows 10 tricks. She knows how to waggle a hoof (which, incidentally, is painted in red lacquer), to turn and stand on its hind legs. In addition, Lila welcomes people Piglet plays on a toy piano and, most importantly, understands the command “Photos!”. Upon hearing this word, the pig freezes, so it could be photographed.

“It brings people joy and new experiences, says Daniel. — Many have never in my life seen a live pig and have about these animals a misconception. People consider them dirty and think they are only good for food, and we are showing something completely different”.

Эти забавные животные освоили человеческие профессии

Pig Lila


Terrier Stabby, who fought during the First world war together with American soldiers received more awards than any other animal. Not counting stripes for life and suffered wounds, he was awarded seven medals the US and France, including the Purple heart.

The dog came to the war and smuggling. He loved to go around with the trainee before sending to the front soldiers. Some of them decided to take him with us and carried on the leaving France, the ship under clothing. When the dog noticed the officer, Stabby stood before him like soldiers in training, and he became his drive.

Terrier sat in the trenches for 18 months, was wounded twice, came under fire mines with mustard gas. A dog’s nose and ears are much more sensitive than humans, so he quickly noticed the poison gas or flying projectiles and warned colleagues barking. In addition, the dog was taught to help the wounded, remaining in neutral territory.

Once Stabby managed to catch an enemy scout, which was to map the trenches. He noticed that the stranger calls to him in German, attacked him and wouldn’t let go, not yet arrived, the American soldiers. After that the dog was given the rank of Sergeant.

Эти забавные животные освоили человеческие профессии

Sergeant Stabby


Strictly speaking, the police this pig have in common is only the policeman’s uniform, but she looks too lovely to miss this story. 7 March edition of the New York Post published a picture of a pig on a leash in a pair of new York cops. They met his master when he was walking the animal in front of the Apple store in Manhattan.

The guards agreed to pose for a photo with the mumps and didn’t even ask where it is kept (in the town is prohibited). Probably his uniform helped!

Эти забавные животные освоили человеческие профессии

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