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These fruits protect against diabetes

Эти фрукты защитят от диабетаThe consumption of berries – diabetes prevention

Blueberries, apples and pears reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes, according to U.S. experts.

The study involved 200,000 men and women were followed for 24 years. During this time the diabetes was discovered at 12600 members. At the same time, fans of blueberries, apples and pears less likely to suffer from this disease.

In particular, eating blueberries reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes by 23%, and eating more than five apples a week reduces the chances of Contracting diabetes by about the same amount. These products are extremely rich in flavonoids – natural substances that have long been associated with the prevention of such problems as heart disease and cancer.

The results are consistent with the findings of scientists from Finland, who tied the consumption of berries and apples with the prevention of diabetes. While sugar increases the level of glucose in the blood, other substances contained in fruits, such as pectin, fiber and flavonoids, protects from developing diabetes.

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