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These fruits and berries will help “accelerate” metabolism

Эти фрукты и ягоды помогут «разогнать» метаболизмA simple way to speed up the process of weight loss.

Fruits and berries are not only full of vitamins (C, carotene, etc.). They contain easily digestible carbohydrates – sugar (glucose, fructose, sucrose) and a diverse range of mineral substances, organic acids, volatile, dietary fiber (cellulose), writes dietitian, gastroenterologist, Michail in the book “lose Weight = to look younger: tips for the gastroenterologist”. To improve metabolism and weight normalization, you need to include in your diet the following products.

Apples – one of the most common in our country the fruit. In the composition of sugars of the apples is dominated by glucose and fructose. Apples are not rich in vitamin C, but in summer and autumn are a significant supplier of this vitamin. For winter storage of apples, the content of vitamin C decreases significantly. Apples are rich in salts of potassium have a diuretic effect. They contain malic, citric, and other organic acids. It should be noted the presence in apples dietary fiber.

It is no exaggeration to say: apples are useful to all – both healthy and those suffering with various diseases, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diseases of the liver, kidneys, joints. Apples, as already noted, widely used in overweight for the discharge of days.

Fresh and dried plum (prunes especially) has a gentle laxative effect, recommended for a tendency to constipation. Due to the content of compounds of potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, the inclusion of plum in the diet is useful in atherosclerosis, hypertension, kidney disease.

Citrus – oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons have a high taste, pleasant aroma, contain vitamins (C, P, carotene), potassium salts, organic acids, volatile.

Oranges and tangerines are similar in composition. They contain (per 100 g) sugars (8.1 g), vitamin C (60 mg in oranges and 38 mg in Mandarin). Oranges are richer in organic acids than the tangerines. In lemons, less sugar (3 g), and organic acids is much greater. Lemons as well as oranges and tangerines contain vitamin C (40 mg), potassium compounds, and grapefruits – 45 mg of vitamin C.

Lingonberry is rich in organic acids (citric, malic, oxalic, benzoic); it is used in the treatment of people suffering from gastritis with low acidity. Such patients is useful cranberry water, fresh and pickled cranberries.

Strawberries (garden, forest) in fresh and dried form it is recommended for gout as a diuretic, promoting the excretion of salt from the body. Since strawberries are full of vitamin C and relatively few organic acids, it can include in the menu suffering from gastritis with high acidity.

Cranberry contains a large set of organic acids. Jelly and fruit drinks from it quench your thirst and improve appetite. Doctors recommend these drinks to patients after surgery, as well as in diseases accompanied by fever. Useful cranberry and patients suffering from gastritis with low acidity (without exacerbation). In some diseases of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, when it is recommended to limit table salt, add to the dish of cranberry improves their taste.

Sea buckthorn combines an extremely high content of vitamin C (200 mg in 100 g of berries) with plenty of tocopherol – vitamin E. Both vitamin play an important role in the prevention of progression of atherosclerosis. The content of carotene, sea buckthorn is superior even to the carrot. From its berries yield an oil which is applied for healing ulcers and wounds. It has analgesic properties.

Black currants famous for their abundance of vitamins C and p. the content of vitamin C of fresh black currant is second only to rose hips. Prepared for the future the black currant is useful in winter and spring when the body lacks vitamin C.

Red currants contain much less vitamin C than black. However, it has more carotene and organic acids. Red currants and juice from it quench your thirst and improve appetite. In addition, the red currant is useful when a tendency to constipation.

Bilberry is used as a binding agent and in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are often diarrhea. Fixing the action of bilberry is due to the large amount of tannins which are anti-inflammatory and reduces intestinal motility. Of the dried blueberries prepare the infusion, the decoction, a jelly.

Rosehip – champion the content of vitamin C (470 mg per 100 g of fresh or 1200 mg in 100 g of dried fruits as dried berries per 100 g, naturally, more). Infusion of rose hips deservedly gained popularity as a choleretic, diuretic and easy antiatherosclerotic funds.

The infusion is prepared from 15 g of rosehip in a glass of water. To prepare this drink rose hips pour boiling water and boil in an enamel pot under a lid for 10 min. then insist for 6-7 h and filtered. Received serving contains about 100 mg of vitamin C.

Chokeberry is rich in vitamin P, there is in it and vitamin C. the Combination of these vitamins helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Chokeberry is useful to include in the diet of those who have violated the permeability of blood vessels. And it happens in glomerulonephritis, hemorrhagic diathesis. There are a number of observational and experimental studies, indicating that the fruits of Aronia have a vasodilator action. Therefore, they are useful and suffering from hypertension.

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